Southern Province Minister Hon.Mweetwa has advised Prophet Ejimadu popularly known as Seer 1 to shut up and focus on growing his Ministry.

Hon.Mweetwa is angered by the article circulating on the social media to have been issued by Seer 1 on his official Facebook page, he has further told Prophet Seer 1 that UPND government won’t condone his porous and crooked tricks that he possesses supernatural power thereby commenting on the Zambian governing matters anyhow.

“Andrew has no right to start talking about Zambia when Nigerians are being killed in his own country by Bokoharam, we’re in a “new Dawn” and if he thinks he can start talking rubbish about our government he will be in deep trouble this is not PF government where he was left free,” said Hon.Mweetwa

It’s time for him to focus on growing his Ministry and stop claiming that he had a hand in the elections just to mislead people.Everyone knew that Zambiàns were fed up of corrupt PF regime and the time was ripe for divorce,”concluded Hon.Mweetwa.


  1. Cornelius Mweetwa is being very unwise by answering back to Seer 1.He is being doubly unwise by threatening him with unspecified action.The best was to ignore Seer 1 because Mweetwa is not in any position to manage Seer 1. There is nothing Mweetwa can do about Seer 1 and he should not drag HH’s government into a personal issue with Seer 1. Seer 1 commented on Mweetwa’s recent conduct of mixing government and UPND business.Seer1’s comments are relevant. Mweetwa is now a government Minister for Southern Province and he should now avoid commenting on other government matters. In fact ,UPND should now have a party spokesperson who is a full time party employee and not a government minister. There are just too many spokesmen in this UPND/New Dawn thing who are all trying hard to outdo each other, in the end confusing the public. The UPND should quickly look into this before things really get out of hand.

  2. Seer 1 needs to leave the stage while the people are still clapping. However crude, we appreciated his comments at the time. It is over now. Thank you Sir but please move on now.

  3. Mweetwa should not waste his time answering anything he reads on social media. Answering whatever Seer 1 says will slowly but sure bruise his public persona. Seer 1 is in Nigeria and he has nothing to lose given that he is not even a Zambian. I don’t understand why the media also is giving so much prominence to Seer1. Just ignore him.

  4. My humble sincere advice to Mr Mweetwa, don’t pick a fight a with seer 1 on social media, you might end up with an egg on your face. The best option is probably to ignore him than threatening him.


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