Vice President Inonge Wina says the debate on President Edgar Lungu’s eligibility to contest the 2021 Presidential Election has been extensively debated and that the matter should be allowed to rest.

Speaking in parliament today during the Vice President’s Question time, Wina implied that it is now too much for people to continue debating Lungu’s eligibility.

She added that the Constitutional Court has given a final verdict which must be respected by all.

This was in response to a question by Chifubu Member of Parliament Frank Ng’ambi who wanted to know if the debate on the eligibility of President Lungu to contest in 2021 is not undermining the decision of the constitutional court.

And Wina said the Electoral Commission of Zambia -ECZ- will on a weekly basis provide an update on how many voters have been registered as the voter registration exercise is ongoing.

She said this in response to a question from Chisamba member of Parliament Chushi Kasanda who wanted to know if the ECZ can give an update on the voters registered weekly so that the public has authentic information.

Wina added that the ongoing voter registration exercise has been crafted and designed in phases and that the government is waiting to see how the process has unfolded in the second week.

She expressed optimism that the process will be successful and that the country’s electoral management body will meet its 9 million target of registered voters.



  1. Bo Inonge the only way this topic will rest is for the courts to rule fairly in this matter. Term and sworn in are two very different issues

  2. This matter will be determined by the Concourt after filing in of nomination papers. The danger is that it might be too late for the party.

  3. Does this old cow have children who have children and who ll or have children aswell that she does not see beyond her stay as a veep in pf. Shame for such supposedly senior age. If wisdow came with age the lady would lose non by tell edgar chagwa that your time is over. She doesn’t need to continue serving her age is advanced, she has stolen enough and she should be dying not too long from now.


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