Bible Gospel Church in Africa (BIGOCA) General Overseer Bishop Peter Ndhlovu

Don’t worry, you are the chosen one for August elections, Matero church assures Lungu

Some Church in Lusaka’s MATERO Township has assured President Edgar Lungu that he is the one chosen to win the August election, report Mercy Banda.

No need to worry I will stand with you the way I stood with Michael Sata, Bible Gospel Church in Africa (BIGOCA) General Overseer Bishop Peter Ndhlovu told President Lungu this morning.

This is the same Church that supported Frederick Chiluba’s unconstitutional third term bid.

This was during the 20th Anniversary of the Church’s existence.

Below is the article released and availed to the media after the event.


……..As ECL congratulates BIGOCA on 20th Anniversary

Lusaka, Saturday (March 6, 2021)

Bible Gospel Church in Africa (BIGOCA) General Overseer Bishop Peter Ndhlovu says President Edgar Lungu should not worry about the 2021 general election because God will fight his battles.

“As I was with President Michael Sata, I will be with you President Lungu. The devil will always fight you but the battle is not yours, surrender it to God because you were called by Him. Do not be afraid of 2021, it is well, I said it is well and it is well. Those consulting the witches can go ahead us we shall pray and the witches will get sick. Olila samuona pakamwa,” Bishop Ndhlovu said.

He was speaking when President Edgar Lungu joined Bible Gospel Church in Africa (BIGOCA) 20th Anniversary Celebrations in Lusaka’s Matero Township today.

Bishop Ndhlovu has since congratulated President Edgar Lungu for developing the land of Zambia stating that BIGOCA has complimented government efforts by sinking over 136 boreholes in rural areas and taking care of 86 old people.

And President Edgar Lungu has congratulated BIGOCA on it’s 20th Anniversary from the time the church was established in 2001.

President Lungu says BIGOCA has has achieved a lot in the last 20 years impacting positively spiritually and providing social services as water and education to rural areas.

The Head of State says he will continue looking to the church for guidance and counsel in his leadership.

He has urged the church to continue working together in transforming lives spiritually and socially.

President Lungu says leaders must be willing to accept electoral results instead of threatening that there will be war when one loses.


  1. General Overseer Bishop Peter Ndhlovu, with due respect, that is your opinion and not the from God so keep it to yourself.
    Don’t preach with your mind on the brown envelope you have received.
    May I remind you just what your chosen Lungu and his pathetic corrupt party have done to Zambia?
    The pf has shrunk Zambia’s GDP. The result, skyrocketing in cost of living with the price of most basic commodities such as cooking oil, electricity units, sugar, milk etcetera, being unaffordable to the majority of our citizens. You can not feel it because you are paid from the tithes and offerings, which come from some of the economically downtrodden members of your congregation ba Bishop.
    You are supposed to be the defender of the poor, widows, and orphans. Now you are joining forces with the evil and corrupt pf to make them suffer even more.
    May the Lord open your eyes after the contents of the brown envelope have diminished.

  2. Ba Bishop stop receiving corrupt money to kill Zambians.Just concentrate sorting out problems surrounding your Bishop assertion

  3. Is it true or the Bishop has lied standing on his pulpit. BIGOCA never supported Sata, in fact he supported Rupiah Banda. Yangu Ba Bishop


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