Minister of Community Development Doreen Mwamba has unearthed a scam where a cartel at the Ministry is working with the corrupt PF regime have continued to harvest and export Mukula trees belonging to Zapid farms a department under Ministry of Community Development charged with the responsibility to manage Mukula farms in Chipili district Luapula Province.

During a fact finding mission conducted by the Mrs Mwamba, Saturday, 10 track laden with mukula were discovered at Zapid farms while 7 other tracks were found packed along the road near the farm.

This was a pending forged documentation for Mukula logs to be transported under the pretext they are from Congo.

And the drivers found at the scene explained that they have been waiting for documentation from Congo packed along the road in the bush while the tracks at the Zapid farm awaited for clearance from the Ministry of Lands.

“For the past 2 months the drivers have been waiting for a go ahead from owners of Mukula trees who are connected to the system” They revealed.

And Mrs Mwamba expressed saddeness over the indiscriminating cut down of Mukula trees at the farm.

“This is sad that only a few people from the PF Mukula cartel benefit while the farm remains undeveloped at the expense of the underprivileged.

“We were getting reports that they are illegal activities at the farm, so we came for a fact finding mission but what we have found here has shocked us, over 200 track loads of mukula have been taken from the farm by the past regime without any written approval from cabinet,” explains Mrs Mwamba with shock.

“When as politicians forget that we are here to serve the people and illegality becomes normal it ia dangerous but not with the new dawn government because greed and selfishness have taken over our humanity.

We forget the vulnerable people whom we are supposed to serve, if there was abuse of office in the past government it will end under the leadership of President Hakainde Hichikema.

When the President said we are here to serve and reunite this country it does not mean criminals will get away with it, anyone who commit criminal activities will face the law.” She emphasised.

The Minister has since instructed track drivers both at the sight and on the road side in Chipili District not to make any move until investigations from the relevant authorities are concluded.
















  1. I really doubt UPND will catch even a small thief. Investigators were appointed by PF, suspected thieves are linked to PF. So it’s like PF investigating itself. That’s UPND for you. Let’s just leave all of them and do something else. Just your approach ba UPND does not indicate that you will recover anything.

  2. Where is the police and other law enforcement, the whole system needs to be cleaned. Last week the police let go of trucks to neighboring country via western province, indicating the documents were valid, that they were from Congo. Corruption is so high in Zambia

  3. Gentlemen just look at that building, the third photo from the top and judge for yourselves how cruel the PF thugs are. You make millions of kwacha from the local resource and you still have buildings like that. The building looks like an ancient slave post.

  4. We will continue complaining with no action. Why was Garry Nkombo not Home affairs minister? Let Hon Mwimbu go to local govt. At the pace we are moving with these cases it’s worrying. I expect UPND to fail in other areas and not identifying clear theft. When is the next election pipo?

  5. This is what ECL meant when he said ubomba mwibala alya mwi Bala. He said mulelya nomba mwilila kumo ne mbuto. He meant plunder. Why are we surprised.

  6. These mukula king and queens are known UPND move in make arrests. Start with customs and clearance they know the owners of these mukula fire from there first then get the king pins.

  7. Yet again, the common man has been betrayed by politicians. All we get are nice pronouncements that they will be no sacred cows yet not a single finger has been lifted against plunderers, criminals & other despicable scumbags who impoverished us. This is the biggest betrayal in Zambian political history. Now I fully understand the terms cry babies & under 5. It’s all about toothless Facebook stunts while we continue to suffer. How did those trucks cross into Zambia without papers, please don’t take us for idiots. We have been sold out within weeks of voting……indeed the Bible is correct, “Cursed is anyone who trusts in man….” Am so Disgusted, at least PF didn’t hide behind sweet pronouncements.

  8. Urgent. Stop all contracts which PF awarded to private individuals immediately. Investigate the operations and only authorise those which are not doing criminal actives. This will help to plug the stealing of out precious resources. Please do this quickly.

  9. Another photocall for the elite – meanwhile, the felling of trees continues undisturbed; and the trucks keep coming!

    The forests are really being decimated and it appears that nothing can be done to stop this dreadful destruction. It’s a tragedy. I don’t understand why no one has thought of stopping the destruction at site, before trees are actually cut down. The capture of consignments is not really helping our forests; as we can’t plant back the logs!

  10. Mr Kajoba and your fellow law enforcement agents you are no doubt sleeping on duty, now that you know that Mukula is stolen from Zambia while transit documents are manufactured in Congo, how do you reconcile the vicious defence that one so called General made in Katima Mulilo a few days back?

    Why is it proving difficult for you to know who to call and interrogate with all the leads in public domain?

    Mr President, is it not obvious that your procrastination in sweeping clean the PF sympathizers is slowly working to the advantage of the saboteurs? If you are going to maintain your snail’s pace in cleaning up the PF mess, don’t blame the Zambians if they lose patience and confidence in the new dawn GRZ.

  11. I agree its like UPND have no confidence to do what they were elected to do. I see some fear in them and yet they have our mandate to clean this country and rid of PF thugs. Even caging them is not witch hunting. They are still a criminal organisation and Ministries are all still infiltrated by these thugs. Replace them please otherwise you will be in trouble with these thieves still free to continue doing what they know best – stealing.

  12. And yet the whole of Luapula gave the UPND not a single parliamentary seat. They’re actually happy with this kind of thing. Will government act? Where are those corrupt and vocal Luapula chiefs?

  13. It sad and very frustrating every day to see and ready that corrupt and such crimes continues. This is how deep things are rotten in the system, the system is decay. It show’s Mafia type of business exists in zambia at a very high level. This meanings customs, forest dept, police etc the whole civil servants is 90% corrupt. Last week in Western province trucks of mukula where cleared by a senior a govt official same stories purporting to come DRC. It will take time to root out this cancer. A a special unit in the investigation units must be introduced with re-trained personnel and and new staff. This happened in some countries. We should move with time other wise you will replace everyone including the replaced. Very soon you will start calling for Kajoba’s remove thinking is not working. This corrupt criminals have made big Money to corrupt all the way. Very soon if not careful the newly appointed UPND people will start falling in their traps. Just imagine someone keeping K65 million cash in a house. There are every where banks,lawyers, politicians foreigners police customs anywhere well coordinated. Let’s not underrate this criminals.


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