In case you didn’t know, ECZ wants every Voter to re-register. With a target of 9 Million voters and a registration period of only 30 days, it means ECZ has to register 300,000 voters each day.

Those voters cards you have now are useless, they won’t be able to be used in 2021.

Their evil scheme started a long time ago with issuance of NRC’S by the PF in so called PF strongholds.

Now that they’ve issued the NRC’S, they are going to phase 2, they’ll limit the number of registered voters by shortening the registration period.

Most of the Voter registration centres will be in Northern, Muchinga, Luapula and Eastern provinces and so will most of the new constituencies after this delimitation exercise.

You will see the PF bussing people to Voter registration centres during this short 30 days, they know each and every person they’ve given NRC’S. – NDC



  1. Is it true that even those with voter’s cards have to re-register?
    ECZ expects to have Nine Million (9,000,000) voters on their registers. That means in 30 days (Assuming this includes weekends) translates into 300,000 registrations per day in all the 10 provinces or 30,000 per province per day. Now, that target is too ambitious and insensitive to the sensitivity expected for the 2021 Elections! If you exclude weekends, the time to register voters translates to 22 days, in fact 20 days(Excluding 4 Saturdays and 4 Sundays), which translates to 450,000 registrations per day country-wide because we are talking about 5 working days per week and 4 weeks = 20days. It’s actually a very bad idea to ask citizens to do things on weekends. Why is ECZ complaining about the budget for voter registration exercise and never have Budget complaints whenever there are Bye-elections?
    Elections are not “Free and Fair” on voting day or days! It starts with the Registration process! ECZ should find the money to do proper registrations in 90 days! In fact, Bill 10 should be withdrawn so that we include a new clause for continuous voter registration! Each time an NRC is issued, it should be issued together with a voters card! This means the function to register voters should be moved from ECZ for lack of capacity to the National Registry!!!

  2. It is very sad that ECZ by not following what the law says on voter registration which should be a continuous process, I am afraid that many people are going to be defrenchized. This will mean only one thing that the 2021 elections will not be credible unless the old register is used alongside the new one.

    Lets be Zambians. Ipasase tailefwika nagi panono. Ulufwile iwee ECZ!
    If some people feel that they have bought the Northern region of Zambia. I am here
    ne mwasa kabegeshi to decampign them


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