UPND women have engaged in an overdrive to assure Zambians across the country that a truthful and principled leadership is coming soon.

UPND National Women Chairperson Doreen Mwamba speaking in an interview from Muchinga province revealed that majority of women are living in abject poverty because the Patriotic Front has totally failed to take care of their needs.

“Enough is Enough, time has come for people of Zambia to know that President Hakainde Hichilema is ready to govern and take care of their plight.” said Ms Mwamba.
She said there is no way an uncaring government like PF can continue to govern when they have no interest of people at heart.

“Women in the rural areas are indeed suffering and they need to be taken care of so that they become self reliant, as UPND we bring them HH a leader who will take care of their plight.” said Ms Mwamba.

AND UPND Deputy National Women Chairperson Ms Subeta Mutelo added that women in UPND aim to change policies and politics.
” As UPND we shall create an environment were women will have their freedom to organise their lives to sustain their lives.” said Ms Mutelo.

She commended President Hichilema for appointing more women in decision making positions and pledge to work towards resolving issues affecting women’s lives.

“Enough is enough, nothing will stop us, we will continue fighting and ensure that we take up our space in politics.we are here to encourage more women to participate in politics. More women in politics mean peace and better lives.”said Ms Mutelo.

Ms Mwamba in her familiarisation tour in Muchinga province is accompanied by her Vice Deputy Chairpersons Ms Tavaris, Ms Subeta Mutelo and Ms Elizabeth Kamanga and other party officials.
The entourage recieved THUNDEROUS welcome in Isoka and Chinsali districts.
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  1. Let’s vote for change.HH is the way to go.we seriously need a leader that will transform this country into what it is supposed to be.Zambia is a very rich nation with alot of kind and loving people.all we need is to install a leader that is disciplined and focused.we all need to rally behind HH so as to attain all this.Only a few individuals and their close allies are enjoying the fruits of this country.those of us that don’t have connections are left to fend for ourselves.look at how investors are mistreating us.we keep getting the same money even when the prises of commodities have risen.our inflation rate has risen ,Dept , corruption, incopitence in our current leadership, arrogance among our elected leadership, police brutality and political violence.we really need to restore the peace and stability that we had or else we are headed for doom.it really hurts when you see our mineral wealth go to waste or when it is stolen.The development of this country depends on us.lets take keen interest in knowing the people we are voting for.Today in Zambia, people are using politics to enrich themselves unlike it was way back when people took it for a job.lets be wise enough to recognize these individuals.when ever it’s campaign time will see people coming will chitenges and t shirts.lol……ask them where they where and ask them why they never dressed you after you elected them.personal I buy my own clothes and know politician feeds me.we elect these people so that they help in the making of policies that may better our living standards not for them to come buy as chitenges or meali meal.be advised that if we vote carelessly then we are in for it for another five years.i honestly prefer HH because his an economist and I have finally come to understand him.he might not have the street language that some have but his the only man for the top job now.who else apart from him? They say empty tins make noise.listen at the kind of noise that ifibena Bowman , kambwili,Geoffrey b mwamba make,it’s unfortunate that they are from the northern part of Zambia and that why they tend to pull the tribal card when ever they are challenged.they can’t argue based on ideology and all they know is either using hate speech or amaka.we need to have a presidential debate before the election and you’ll see who really deserves that job.i challenge all the presidential candidates to face HH on the panel.lets get that empowerment fund and that relief food because it’s ours but remember to give that vote to HH.mind you five years is a long time.imagine how much tax payers money they will steal and how difficult life will be.ba luanshya ati the government will starte making roads for you.lol…..!!! Which economy are they going to construct roads for? Instead of revamping the town’s economic statue by reopening the industries that were closed.priorities this government doesn’t set priorities.roads are a good investment but certain factors are supposed to be looked into.how can you borrow to construct something that won’t pay back.in this age and time Zambia wasn’t supposed to be borrowing for construction because of the toll gates that we have.i mean what purpose do toll gates save If not for revenue collection ?It’s a pity that we have leaders that don’t think beyond their nose.loans have advantages and disadvantages and the outcome depends on how you use or utilize the loan.the best example of a failed loan program is that of the youth empowerment fund.that fund doesn’t have a proper structure for repayment hence that money has surely gone to waste and I suspect not all of it has been given to the youths.i feel it was just a way of channeling tax payers money to fund this year’s campaigns.when did slap Dee(mwila musonda ) and sarafina apply for those loans and how did they do it? Funny neh?.its such money transactions that cause inflation.trust me soon we will start buying a tray of eggs at k100 if we aren’t careful.lets try out HH.i strongly believe that he will transform the face of this country.lets exercise our right to vote wisely.if he doesn’t perform to our expectations then we will kick him out aswel.you can’t give a job to someone that you yourself don’t have.he has to work for us in the best way he can.vote for a better future not for connections


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