Siavonga District Commissioner Lovemore Kanyama


By Mary Mbesuma

Information reaching this platform indicate that the former Siavonga District Commissioner Lovemore Kanyama has been hospitalized after his BP shot up following his firing yesterday.

Outgoing President Edgar Lungu yesterday fired the uneducated but overzealous Kanyama for incompetence though he claims his contract wasn’t just renewed.

Sources close to Kanyama say the depressed former DC’s condition is not good as plans to bring him to UTH are underway.

At the moment the jobless Kanyama who hasn’t invested in anything is undergoing treatment at Siavonga District Hospital. – Koswe



  1. Let us know when he kicks the bucket, so that we buy Brandy ku Shoprite to celebrate his mise able life with fasting and prayers. It may also give some crooks some additional numbers in the book of Covid 19.

  2. He deserved it! He was a big bully in the district behaving more like an overzealous PF cadre than a civil servant who thought by being more PF than others he would never be fired. Let him suffer now since nobody liked him and noone can even assist him not even a simple job of a watchman.

  3. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…please don’t roast him too much. it is a very big lesson to others who think they can take things for granted. whatever goes up must come down. Kanyama made alot of noise and where is he today?


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