Every nations strength is determined by how independent its judicial system is.The judiciary of any nation is constitutionally mandated to bring to book any one found wanting irrespective of ones position, as long as they act against the law the judiciary is expected to act accordingly.

The case of Zambia is politically stressful. Because, criminals are heroes now in our nation. Gangsters are in charge of key institutions that should have saved the integrity of our nation and what can one expect if not this disaster we are witnessing.

The consequence of issuing NRCs to kids by the PF government.

NRCs should not be used as a tool for winning an election.Few weeks ago I published a trail of how some senior office bearers from the ministry of home affairs are engaging in registering foreigners as voters.

And today we are seeing videos and NRCs being issued to foreigners from neighbouring countries like Congo and Malawi. That’s how desperate PF government has become.

NRCs should not be a tool for winning election. The worst thing is seeing our children being abused by people who should have protected them from any possible abuse. What these gangsters are forgetting is that these are peoples children.

What is the effect of giving these NRCs to kids. There are so many effects of what the PF government is doing towards our kids;

1.It has altered their age. Look at it this way if these boys were girls, they could be defiled and a suspect can never be convicted of that crime. All he would need to do is, just get hold of this NRC show the child was of or above the age 16 years and no court will touch him.

2. Employment, these kids can be employed under the age but, because of this document labour officers can never protect them.
So, no matter how we look at it. This is a violation of child’s rights and these kids are prone to abuse all in the name 2021 elections PF must win at all costs. What a pity!

Mr. Edgar Lungu do you really think this is the right pay back to the people of Zambia? this is unacceptable and disheartening. I look forward to human rights defenders to summon the ministry of home affairs and ECZ over this matter.

On the other hand, there are serious consequences of registering adult foreigners as voters which is also being engineered by PF leaders.

This alone threatens our national security. Most of these people accepting to get NRCs are hardcore criminals in their nations, and PF government doesn’t care at all as long as they have the figures to insert in the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) register and cook them using these foreigners.

I have seen and heard PF leaders and their members singing so much about Zambia being a sovereign state, but what is sovereignty when outsiders will come and make a decision for Zambians through these people they are registering? Right now there are so many private meetings PF leaders are holding with questionable characters.

The other group as Zambians we need to watch closely is the Electoral Commission of Zambia. The ECZ has been captured and they will be one of the catalyst to confusion in this country. The commission has no idea of what is supposed to be correctly done because they fear these criminals controlling these public institutions.

We have been warning for a long time now that 2021 elections will be the most useless general elections ever held in the political history of Zambia unless we citizens rise up and say no to this injustice before it is too late.
As Sean Conery rightly put it in a film called “The Rock”, Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious. Therefore, as Zambians we must be patriotic enough to protect our sovereignty or we shall lose a country we call home. All for a party that lost election in 2016 and now they know Chavula won’t be in the server room to alter figures. They want to make up by registering our babies and foreigners. Nooooo!

Sikaile Sikaile Good Governance and Human Rights Activist



  1. Start by suing the Registrar General and Attorney General. What is happening is criminal.
    Secondly, are the NRCs being issued to children and foreigners being paid for and who is paying?


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