By Patson Chilemba

You can’t afford somebody else for running mate other than picking someone from Luapula, Muchinga and Northern provinces, says ruling PF Lusaka provincial chairperson Paul Moonga.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Moonga said he would not get tired hammering on his position that President Edgar Lungu should choose someone from the three Bemba-speaking regions for a running mate in 2021.

“You will be so naïve to go and take someone from Monze ati Paul Moonga very good campaigner I make running mate then you want to lose an election, people will be upset,” Moonga said. “We should give the running mate to the province now which will give us good votes. Say thank you, period. I know my colleagues in central committee have been questioning why do you say this, I said this is from me, personal opinion. Not the party opinion, it’s Paul Moonga opinion as a politician, seasoned politician. You can’t afford to take somebody else.”

Moonga said President Lungu must listen to the people’s votes in settling for his running mate in the August 12, 2021 general elections.

“That I have been very consistent and I have no regrets and I will keep on hammering the same matter. So I appeal to my President, to listen to the people’s vote, the people’s vote not Paul Moonga’s word. They are saying Northern, Luapula, Muchinga they are voting very well,” said Moonga.

This is not the first time Moonga is speaking on the matter, however, there has not been any statement from State House to speak for or against the current Vice-President Inonge Wina, who has also indicated interest to continue in the position. The only statement from a senior government and party official came from defence minister Davies Chama who rebuked those who were eyeing the highly sought after position.

“I don’t even understand why people should even position themselves. Bakaloba ilyabo,” said Chama, in reaction to Moonga’s earlier statement that the party needs a male running mate, who is physically and mentally fit.-Daily Revelation



  1. Madam wina read between the lines you still want to support bill 10. Go against it you ll lose nothing you at the right age to do the right thing for your country and it’s now for you to be honoured by zambians and not criminals you are currently support. You ll see how trashed you ll be after bill 10 is pass and it’s not just you, the bowboy too ll be packing, remember very few if not non of those that support foolish Mugabe ideology serviced till the end, wake stupid idiots.

  2. On what basis will that whatever province give you more votes if not on the basis of foolishness? You have not delivered to any province but you still have in mind some province to give you a lot of votes! They must be a foolish province of course, or so you think those from luapula and northern are made of foolish voters. You luapula voters are you foolish as this idiot is saying?


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