“The UPND Alliance is operating illegally in the UPND Government, the Zambia people voted for UPND Government and not the Alliance partners therefore the Alliance members should clarify if they have abandoned their party and defected to UPND” Lubinda said, especially singling out the Felix Mutati led MDC.


  1. Mr Lubinda you have run out of mind now. When did you learn about UPND alliance ? Today or before August 12th ? Just talk about what you plan to offer Zambians after 2050.
    We know that you just trying to encourage yourself that PF while deep down you heart you Know for sure that your dead and skeleton PF will Never resurrect. But it’s good because through your bucking your noise is heard though has no value.

    Where are the bicycles,mealie meal ,salaula,goats and chickens to empower electorates? Empower them even now. Alliance members are part of UPND and legally to serve in the government. If you have run out of strength and campaign message that inspire zip up.

  2. Illegality must be stakes in the books, not in someone’s head. As former minister of justice, quote the law that states the illegality.

  3. You are lying again right. If you are serious about what you really saying sue them. Take it to the high court for a ruling in your favor.

    If you don’t do this soon, won’t I be correct to say you are a fool. So prove me wrong.

    • Before I forget. What do you Call your appointment of Nakachinda into your Ministerial positions? Common sense shows that you did the same thing. He was from MMD. See how stupid this whole thing is.

  4. Bo lubinda clearly needs help, the man is being wasted right before our eyes and it’s no longer funny . This man is slowly becoming a lunatic and the earlier he is taken to chainama the better. Please help this man

  5. Lubinda is very right. Just because you are Upnd cadre then even Upnd wrongs are correct to you. That’s a sign of dullness. Even the Chinese who only have one political party in that massive country are perplexed by this so called “Upnd alliance”! Firstly it symbolizes one party only out of the five that constitute the “alliance”! The English Dictionary does not prescribe such as an alliance! Secondly all the constuencies were fielded be one political out of the five that constitute the alliance. So what % is used to share cabinet positions as per political party in the alliance? It just shows that those appointed to cabinet positions are not there as political party alliance partners but as individuals nominated from outside Upnd! Meaning thy have ambandoned the manifestoes of their parties and are toiling the Upnd manifesto! When they come back from parliament in 2026 they will find that their tuntemba parties are non-existent! Obsolete!

  6. The loss of elections have really affected ba Lubinda. He is no longer thinks and talks wisely. He is behaving like the uneducated Dr Kambwili, Nakachinda and Lusambo.


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