About a week ago, A hacker deleted all Yo Maps youtube channel which had over 67,000 subscribers & 6 million all time views. Yo Maps Youtube’s channel name was changed from Yo Maps Yo to FFF.

The channel name today has been changed from FFF to Zambia

However, videos on the channel were not deleted instantly. Few days later, the hacker posted that he will delete some videos. Well, Today he managed to delete all videos posted on the channel. This is not only a big loss for Yo Maps, but also the Zambian Music Industry at large.😭😭😭😭

We at I Love Zed Music wish Yo Maps all the best in recovering his music channel.


  1. It is everyone’s guess who the hacker is. When bamwankole song came out one section of society celebrated and we allowed the space. But when yo maps and team released the so see how the society that celebrated bamwamwankle reacted. The villagers cried foul and threatened to harm yo maps claiming he will loose business. But realising that the young man got even better they go with their Israel hired technician and hack the YouTube account. With this kind of mentality, you will never get your dream- no umupando, ba kwangala imwe


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