Sean Tembo

Leader of the opposition PeP Sean Tembo has accused leading opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema (HH) of having swindled the Nation during the privatisation of Mosi-o-Tunya Hotels in Livingstone.

But HH has rubbished these accusation of having done anything wrong in the privatisation programme where he was hired as a Consultant.

Tembo insists HH who is one of the fronter runners in Zambia’s next year presidential has credibility issues saying he is not better placed to be president.

“He also has credibility issues, having evidently swindled the country during the privatization of Mosi-o-Tunya Hotel in Livingstone,” Tembo explained. “We did our research on that transaction and there is no doubt in our minds that the gentleman swindled the nation in that transaction.”

HH has since dragged to court two other opposition leaders – Edith Nawakwi who is also a former Minister of Finance and Chilufya Tayali on the privatisation illigality allegations.

But Tembo says he is sure HH swindled the country on the Mosi-o-Tunya Hotels and that he is ready to prove it in court.

“We are not sure about other allegations but on that Livingstone hotel matter, we are sure and are willing to back it up in court,” said Tembo.

He explains that there is need for any Citizen to serve the country with honour when called upon to do so even in a small capacity.

“Now, as a citizen of this Republic, the State will often call upon you to serve it every now and then. It might be in a small capacity and it might be in a big capacity, but whatever the case, when the State calls upon you to serve it, you need to serve it with distinction and honor,” he says.

Tembo cites US as one country where one cannot run for the presidency if not served in Government before.

“That is why in other countries such as the US, it is often considered a custom that anyone who aspires to be President must have served in the security or defense wings. For example, seven of America’s Presidents after 1945 actually fought in the Second World War. George W Bush was Director of the CIA before he became President. The point here is that you need to have served the State in one capacity or the other to show your suitability for the main job,” he explains.

Tembo says unfortunate when HH was given an opportunity to serve the country he allegedly abused the opportunity.

“When Mr Hichilema was given an opportunity to serve the country by managing part of our privatization, he instead decided to serve his pockets and put his personal interests above those of the State. And now, he is asking to be President. He abused the State once when he was given an opportunity to serve it, surely what are the chances that he will not abuse the State again if given the opportunity to serve as President?”

The issue of privatisation has become a hot with the PF Government hinting on setting up a commission of inquiry.

This however is seen by some people as a witchhunt on HH candidature as the programme was conducted over 25 years ago.


  1. I am now tired of this privatisation issue. All the time hh did this and that aweee. Why don’t you just take him to court if you have gathered enough evidence. When are you going to campaign for yourself. Your friends are busy going round the country telling people to register as voters so come next year they vote for their political parties,whilst you are busy thinking of what HH did 30yrs ago. Grow up.

  2. What exactly is Sean Tembo up to? He says he has gathered enough evidence of wrongdoing on HH’s part, but he fails to present the same to LEAs.

  3. Honestly, this idiot called Seam Tembo is very nauseating. The doctors should check his mental capacity. Most likely a drop of blood mixed with his brain the time PF cadres beat him when he had a protest match against the fire trucks PF government bought at unbelievable $1m each. Please don’t neglect this man otherwise very soon he will walk naked in Cairo road. Same applies to Chilufya Tayambwa.

  4. If you have sufficient evidence of wrong doing as you claim, report to ACC, ZP or any law enforcement institution. Don’t claim wrong doing on the part of others for the sake of publicity.

    Also remember to encourage your membership, if at all you have any, to register as voters. And please, participate in by elections ,asati pate ya pa kamwa chabe.

  5. It seems that even 100 years after HH had ruled Zambia as president some people will still go on saying HH can’t be president!!!

  6. This is pure idiocy, there are serious corruption scandals by the current government but someone wants to malign a fellow zambia for a piece of silver.

  7. HH, here is another maggot for you!
    Squeeze it!
    He who makes such malicious allegations must prove!
    This is criminal libel and malicious slander!
    This Sean Tembo should be extradited to Botswana to face his crime of dwindling the Botswana Government of over P100,000 through a bogus consultancy. He is still classified as a fugitive from the Justice System that side. He who seeks justice must come with clean hands! Your hands are oozing corrupt pus and you want to contaminate others?
    HH, if you don’t sue this maggot, it’s your fault!

  8. All these hired dimwits are telling us is the genius that HH was then and still is and that many can not match the mans intelligence especially among those vying for the same trophy (national presidency)! They keep making noise on an issue that has not produced tangible evidence on the accusations while at the same time chickening from providing evidence to the institutions that would use it in courts of law! The inferiority complex exhibited in the attacks against HH enhances the the feeling that fear of HH is because if accorded opportunity to lead will expose acumen for a better national status as hoped for by a larger proportion among Zambians! It’s debilitating that HH is the only topic on every political mouth and some media houses and publications as if there is nothing else happening in the country! When men gang up in disparaging a woman its all about her being strong,confident and intelligent atop being principled! Socially she could have brushed aside advances of a lot among the men denting egos not to have her focus derailed! That’s the kind of person to get close with if one has to build an image of value. HH must have something of great value as a leader which all those throwing mud at him would not like Zambia to benefit from!

  9. I’m starting to think that these people making the allegations are being hypnotized to do so. I’m saying this because it does not make sense for someone to make the same allegations which someone else has done and lost the case in court and has been ordered by the courts to compensate the accused but still someone goes ahead with the same accusations knowing very well that they will lose their hard earned money once they are taken to court.

  10. It’s only where dullness surpasses intrigency like in zambia where current wrong are not talked off, where opposition fights opposition, where we wait till after government change to raise old mis deeds. Please zambians let’s us be a country of present day questions not always wanting to question thing that poeple that were involve is just tomb stones left. If this was a normal country the government of Pf should have been made to answer on a number of things, but different in this country of zombies, chagwa on campaign tour, debt conditions not met, constitution been abrogated, AG report on money miss use, 48 houses, fire engines, kcm, forest 27, tasila with chimutengo, mukula, gold issue, New jet inclusive of poor students meal allowance which this idiot survived on during his time at the institute even if he still remains dull cause his a graguant. He belongs no where not even the prison would love to have, maybe only the grave wants as it does not choose who to swallow.

  11. Ba kangaroo imwe, now you picked HH to be you subject! Why don’t you pick on Lungu. Yes this is an indication that the only capable leader is HH. Akushaninenifye ubunga. You are the worst tribalists, hidden in a goat’s skin. Tembo Tembo twala ubushilu uko. The more ill you talk about him, the more love we have for him. Bamakaka imwe. Bakalingongo mulalakwachenama. Mulinkulungwe, mwalya umwka umo. Umwana wamunenu afilwe nokunwa amenshi. Akulyenifye tondolo bamuchime imwe , mwembomamwe.

  12. The issue of privatization won’t go away until it is thoroughly answered . Not scaring people with lawsuits. HH calls everyone else corrupt based on rumors yet he clearly has skeletons in his closet. What’s more disappointing is his supports who don’t want him questioned. Young intelligent zambians advocating , once again, to choose a leader without question.


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