FDD president Edith Nawakwi


….urges electorates in Luapula province not to give any votes to the opposition political parties that have selfish needs but reserve all votes for President Lungu.

Mansa….Wednesday, July 28, 2021.

Forum for Democracy and Development FDD Leader Edith Nawakwi has urged electorates in Luapula province to give President Edgar Chagwa Lungu maximum votes because he has been committed to developing the province.

Mrs Nawakwi said the Luapula has benefited from the massive infrastructure development in form of roads, schools and hospitals which has improved the lives of locals.

She has since appealed to the people not to be cheated by the opposition parties promising them what they cannot deliver.

Mrs Nawakwi said electorates should stick to president Edgar Lungu whose works are visible to everyone.

Mrs Nawakwi urged electorates in the Province to give zero votes to the opposition, adding that President Lungu deserves all the votes.

“President Lungu deserves another term to deliver all the plans he has for the Zambian people,” she said.

She said opposition political parties are only concerned about things benefitting them and not representing the Zambian people.

Mrs Nawakwi said Zambia needs a leader President Edgar Lungu who is committed to preaching peace and unity.


  1. If there is anyone who will retire from political prostitution, it is you Madam prostitute. And the reason is simple, you will be in prison as captain over all female Mwankoles who will have new residence right there.

  2. Nawakwi, I wish you could share with me the meaning of your name. I also want to acknowledge your hateful passion for the nation of Zambia. If you had a slight love of the country, you could not make such foolish wishes which you embrace in your heart. One wonders why you can’t be satisfied with the bounty share you already received from the selling of Zambia to the Chinese. I feel sorry for you and for your ending

  3. Correct Ms Edith Nawakwi, umuntu uyu ni kabolala was privitization funds, nomba ifyo afwaya fimbi tatwa ishiba! His colleagues he worked with in the Privitization Technical committee are in the UK and other countries enjoying their stolen money! Why can’t he do the same? He goes back to South Africa and enjoy his stolen loot! He has no qualities of a politician, why does he waist his time on something that he cannot achieve! Imagine waisting more than 15 years of his life! Something is seriously wrong with him! He knows he can’t win because of various reasons like being a staunch tribalist, privitization crook, dictator, power hungry, too much pride, selfish etc. Come August 12, he’s going to lose again and claim his votes were stolen, when it’s him who steals other people’s votes by making Tongas there vote more than once in Southern province! With Biometric voters register this year no chance for Tongas to vote more than once! Imagine a situation in 2011, 2015 and 2016 where Hichilema had 44,000 votes when in actual sense he just had 22,000 or even less! That’s a big scandal to do by any person! Only a born crook can do that!

  4. Nawakwi, Kambwili, GBM and, of late, Canissius Banda have made the PF campaigns really tasteless. How does someone who has negligible political following advise the man with the biggest following to retire ? These people are politically useless and Edgar Lungu will also just use them and dump them.


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