…… yes Hichilema heads for his 6th presidential election loss.

HOME Affairs Minister Hon Stephen Kampyongo has charged that President Edgar Lungu is an irreplaceable Presidential candidate at the moment as he has presided over the affairs of the country with diligence.

Speaking when he featured on the Night Live Programme on Radio Phoenix in Lusaka, Hon Kampyongo said that President Lungu cannot be compared to Mr Hichilema who has lamentably lost Presidential elections for five times in a row.

Hon Kampyongo said that a Presidential candidate can only be replaced when they have failed to perform and execute their work as prescribed by the office they hold.

“ President Edgar Lungu is the most sellable Candidate who has performed wonders to the benefit of majority Zambians hence we as the Patriotic Front PF Central Commitee sorely supporting his 2021 presidential candidature” Hon Kampyongo said.

He said that President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s developmental trail is self explanatory and has rendered him the most sellable Presidential candidate who has won all two elections he has participated in as a Presidential Candidate.

He said that it is an absurd fallacy for anyone to even begin to Compare Hakainde Hichilema to President Lungu, stating that the embattled UPND ‘Owner’ is outrightly outshined by having been the most unpopular Presidential candidate

Hon Kampyongo said that Hakainde Hichilema would go down in Zambian History as the most unsellable and unpopular Presidential candidate who contested 6 elections and lost all of them.

Hon Kampyongo said that the Patriotic Front PF Central Committee which held its last seating recently reiterated its endorsement of President Edgar Lungu’s candidature for the 2021 presidential election


  1. Lol….” president Edgar lungu is the only one who has won two presidential elections” said kampyongo .this makes me sick to my stomach.surely this people know that he has saved this poor country twice yet they still insist that he is eligible.uhmm……lets wait and hear our colleagues in the opposition.personally I ain’t voting for lungu.i did in 2016 but not now.i was hoping that things will get better but Wala…!!!! In the bid to exercise my right to vote, I would like to try our other candidates especially those from the opposition and those that have never been heads in any sector of government.the reason why I am saying so is because.voting for someone that has held public office before is like recycling my own toilet paper on my own without the help of technical or professional help from the technocrats.Zambian are suffering because of restoring or recycling politicians.You on your own you don’t have a job to sustain yourself but you choose to give one to someone that will never give you.these lungus, kambwilis, GBMs, kalabas,lubindas ,siliyas have worked for years with nothing to point out to say this is what they have done for the people in return.making desperate donations shouldn’t convince you and I to voting for them.remember elections are held after five years.its high time Zambians started thinking of looking at ones ability to provide good policies.look at how long some of us have been working.we do not have homes of our own yet we are cheated.these guys have secured their future and that of their family.a bag of mealie meal shouldnt make you sale of your chances of a good life.our children are growing and all they will say is our parents didn’t have brains.why didn’t they make it in life like those of our friends parents did? And why didnt they save us from this crushed economy when they had the chance? Zambia is soon turning into a communist country.were when the rich Rob the poor it is called business but when the poor Rob the rich it is called violence.if this government is allowed to go beyond 12 August,2021 then we are doomed mark my words.dont be cheated

  2. Hallusination is the mode of PF. No single day goes by without talking on HH.
    Why dont you talk about other opposition political opponents?
    He is great and you are feeling his heavy weight.


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