I DON’T hate President Edgar Lungu but I know he hates me like hell, says chief Mukuni.

In an interview, Mukuni said he had always advocated peace and harmony among political players.

“People have always held a notion that I hate President Edgar Lungu. Not at all. I only despise bad governance, corruption and theft. Anyone with these attributes will face my strong resentment. It is not who one is – it may be priest, a fellow traditional leader or even you as a journalist – once you show me these colours don’t expect kind words. But for being open I have been hated by President Edgar Lungu like hell,” he said. “I was close to president Rupiah Banda. I loved Levy Mwanawasa’s good governance and went to the Livingstone airport for his farewell body display. Remember that he even evacuated Michael Sata to South Africa for medication. Can that happen now? I am on record telling GBM (Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba) at Lusaka Central Police cells that ‘if you come into power and go hunting for PF leaders such as Edgar Lungu I will condemn you’. That was when he was HH’s (Hakainde Hichilema) number two. And my statement to say I will hold President Lungu responsible if anything happened to HH was based on those lines. We are in a campaign period. You don’t use the police to settle scores with your competitors. Mark the word competitor not enemy. Let the people settle the scores between you as candidates using the ballot not the police using bullets and tear gas.”

Mukuni said traditional leaders were not political party campaign managers but peace builders.
“When a Zambian losses life there is always somebody who must be held responsible. Nsama Nsama and Joseph Kaunda died, a police officer is responsible. Vespers Shimunzhila died someone in the police must be accountable for her death,” said Mukuni.


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