AS one of the political party leaders that took President Edgar Lungu’s eligibility case to the Constitutional Court for interpretation, I will have no option but to take to Court for contempt anyone disrespecting the judgement by claiming that he was not eligible, New Congress Party president, Peter Chanda has threatened.

Mr Chanda has warned of taking legal action on everyone who is talking against the landmark judgement of the eligibility case of President Edgar Lungu.

He said in an interview that if people continue disrespecting the judgement that cleared President Lungu to be eligible to stand for the general elections, he would constitute a legal team and take them to court.

“I am taking them on, I am ready to defend the judgement, I will enforce the judgement. The ConCourt warned sternly that those that continue speaking on the matter are doing it at their own peril as they risk being cited for contempt,” he said.

He explained that when the matter was taken before the Constitutional Court, two questions were presented.

Firstly, he said, it was to determine whether President Lungu being in office from 2015 to 2016 constituted a term of office? And the ConCourt was clear that a term of office is a period of three years making President Lungu eligible to stand for the elections.

“And the second question was, did he hold office twice? The Judges were clear that this question cannot be interpreted in isolation without looking at the term of office and it was interpreted that the period from 2015 to 2016 was not a term of office but a transitional term to finish the term of President Sata.

Mr Chanda said, if other parties that took the eligibility case to the ConCourt were not willing, he would take up the matter back and ensure that the judgement is respected.

He also urged the people especially those on the Copperbelt to support President Lungu because he has brought about development in the country. – Daily Nation



  1. Lol….. sometimes I wonder if these guys are in a collision government with the ruling government because idiots like ntewewe and this monkey tend to defend the ruling as though they aren’t in the opposition.surely if these guys want to defend the ruling let them declare their interests openly and tell the nation so people are clear.How does a pressure group attack another pressure group and how does another president vote for or lobby for votes for another president without them forming a collision government? Total madness.its people like these that bring problems in our country.tayali has more supporters then this man.uhmm…..”take up” ?


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