Chibamba Kanyama



I deeply thank many of you for productively engaging me following a fall out with a few individuals yesterday. The context you gave about the social media space was overwhelming and very useful.

On reflection, I realise that perhaps I need to change my engagement benchmark on social media. There are some among us who think that I am jobless with nothing to do.

I rarely talk about what I do so that the young people I engage with treat me as one among them. What I do now for a living has fulfilled my life dream, the dream I had at the time of leaving the IMF.

But in all this, I still feel somewhat incomplete without carrying young people on my journey. I feel fulfilled when I am invited to sit on job interview panels and some of the certificates that get circulated have my signature, ‘TEEN VISION TRUST – CREATING THE FUTURE CONFERENCE.’

I treat young people as though they are my children. There is something within me that makes me feel I should continue to engage even if I am aging.

But since I will not be doing this for ever, it’s time to mentor others to take over the dream and this means adjusting my engagement approach.

This is the journey I want to embark on going forward. That way, I will retire from this space with gratitude.

Many blessings to all.



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