Pastors are great men. They are meant to mediate between God and people. They are meant to intercede for people before God.

They are also known to possess a great calling with which God hears their Prayers.

However, nowadays things are completely opposite. I am in total agreement that not all of them that have filthy behaviours, but at least a considerable number of them have and that is why we need to talk about this.

Some pastors have been Reportedly slept with church attendants and even other married men in church. Isn’t this shameful? We need to create awareness about this. Be keen as this might be the end of the world as it was prophesied that false prophets will come.

If you are a lady and a pastor calls you for night Prayers, it is better you ignore because you might go and unthinkable things get done to you. Therefore take care.

Always read the Bible as it well explains the end of the world and how this prophets will be acting like. Another thing I have seen is that some pastors put it as compulsory that you must give money for any service. These are liers. God’s services are not charged.

Have you ever come across this ruthless and filthy men? What did they tell you to do?



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