The Constitutional Court has rejected John Sangwa’s bid to discontinue a matter in which the Legal Resources Foundation Limited sued President Edgar Chagwa Lungu claiming that his nomination papers filed with the Electoral Commission of Zambia to run for President be invalidated.

Sangwa, had on Monday this week filed a Notice to wholly discontinue the Petition.

This was after an identical Petition involving Sishuwa Sishuwa and Linda Kasonde’s of Chapter One Foundation Limited as Petitioners had been filed into Court on Friday last week.

When the matter came up this morning before Constitutional Court Judge M. S. Mulenga, the Court noted that the notice of discontinuance had cited a wrong provision of the law and rejected to accept it.

The notice relied on the rules of the Supreme Court of England instead of the Constitutional Court rules of Zambia.

The Court went further to consolidate the two Petitions into one cause.

At the same hearing, an application by the Attorney General to join the matter as second Respondent was heard and granted.

The Legal Resources Foundation becomes the first petitioner, Sishuwa Sishuwa is now the second petitioner, Chapter One Foundation is the third Petitioner while the Attorney General is now the second respondent.

The respondents have been given upto Monday, 31st May, 2021 to file their responses and the matter will be heard by the full Court on either 8th or 9th June, 2021.


  1. Hope the Concourt will not refer to Dan Pule case. We want to avoid predetermined judgements. This is not interpretation of the Constitution in a vacuum. This relates to a specific case where a person is challenged. Dan Pule case did not relate to a person being petitioned. Therefore, it cannot be used.

  2. Zambians are watching with an eagle’s eye, after all they are the ones who will be the final Judges even of the verdict on the Concourt itself.

  3. The semi illiterate judges, these unqualified judges of Lungu, wanted to show off to Sangwa that they hv been going to night school after all, since when Sangwa exposed them as unqualified to hold those offices. Now they are saying reference should hv been to the concourt of Zambia and not to Court of England! Imagine!
    How can i believe they are correct when i know they are incompetent, except that them hv no one to check them, while they can check on Sangwa. What is true is that they are incompetent to handle cases in the concourt. That we know. They never countered what Sangwa said of their incompetence. And now soon they will b judging on that case. How can i hv confidence they will judge correctly and competently when they are unqualified to hold those offices? Their allegiiance is after all, and without doubt to Lungu. And Lungu is the subject of the case. And Lungu is th appointing authority. And going by what happened in the past regarding their very so poor handling of upnd petition, dont we we have every reason to worry about the coming judgement. We do! A judgement whose other side is to stop Lungu from being president anymore. Can they do it. Will they do it?. Is it not like loading Mount Himalayas on their heads and expecting them to carry and move it even for an inch.
    We wait to see.
    Whatever the outcome from these incompetent judges, truth remains, Lungu does not qualify to hold office of president again. He committed treason latest when he filed in nominations. His incompetent concourt judges should help him retract his nomination papers, his breach of the constitution mayb forgiven also.


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