Every election year when there is a wind of change there are so many remarkable things that happen and a sitting government in Zambia always panicks.They do all kind of crazy things such as making life a living hell for the opposition through intimidations, violence and character assassination. Under the PF of Sata in 2011 vs MMD we witnessed all kinds of character assassination and some restrictions though not to level of this sponsored by president Edgar Chagwa Lungu. For sure PF can only survive by rigging which is now proving very difficult.

First and foremost, rigging an election in Zambia or Africa requires a public perception from the incumbent government must claim popularity in certain areas so that even when they play with figures it is moderate to have a balanced population agreeing and the other disagreeing. In 2011 RB and MMD failed to play games because the public perception was very clear that Zambians wanted change after rating MMD as a corrupt government. 2015 and 2016 were relatively uncertain to completely make the public be an enemy of the PF that is why manipulation of results by ECZ under Mr. Esau Chulu was easy. The other thing that helped a little bit, was that people had soft spot on Late Sata. As a result, it was easy to sway public opinion in Sata’s direction.

This year is a dangerous and a crucial year not only for the PF but Esau Chulu and Shindano too. The duo is expected to execute mission impossible. Are they Tom Cruise? PF has given the duo the most difficult illegal task to execute, that of manipulating results. I would liken it to a mission given to late Irene Mambilima by Rupia Banda in 2011.

President Edgar Lungu went to N. Western province and he was chased together with his team like common thieves and further accused of stealing gold. On his Way back he passed through copperbelt the same happened. And yesterday we saw what happened when opposition leader HH visited the same province. We saw thousands of citizens chanting we want change. They were hungry but, were able to find energy to run with the motorcade from solwezi into Kalumbila. That is symbolic to the level of optimism citizens now have to the potential UPND presidency
The question is, what will Esau Chulu and Shindano tell these Zambians this time around? To try anything funny this time around will be flirting with chaos.

Look at areas like Mpulungu, Nakonde and Lusaka how hostile they are to PF. Facts are that PF and ECZ are in for it. One thing that Esau Chulu should keep in his mind is that these elections will be the most scrutinised and monitored elections in the Political history of Zambia. Even a slight Mistake in pronouncing a constituency or figures will raise dust.Intelligence community in Eastern Province where PF are banking on are daring that should the opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema make an appearance there, it will be another disaster for PF. They have further charged that, PF lost ground a long time ago and all they are trying to do is damage control which Zambians have rejected.

According to intelligence sources PF have lost Lusaka and Copperbelt Provinces as well and you all know the reasons why. Now, let ECZ and PF tell us how PF can win these elections without Lusaka and Copperbelt. Indeed this is the toughest task for Esau Chulu and Shindano to carry out.Because Zambians have already decided. Last time you were given a benefit of doubt because of late Sata. Today every Zambian knows that Edgar Chagwa Lungu is nowhere near Sata and he will treated as Lungu in these elections.



  1. This is my Man, very accurate and straight to the point.No beating up the bush. Ni forwardfye. Esau and Nshindano, takaitambe bwino. Ifinti filichinjile.

  2. Chulu, Shindano, Lungu and the PF leadership. Don’t even think of rigging this time because you risk losing every. Don’t think people of Zambia are all stupid.


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