Upnd in Kitwe says they are ready to deliver victory to the party and President HH come august 2021.

Speaking in an interview with CIC reporters,Nixon Chisenga who is Kitwe District Vice secretary political disclosed that the Elvis Nkandu (district Chairman) led leadership had no time to relax ever since it was ushered into office.

He went on to recount the thrilling mobilisation programmes the district had lined up for the party whose results are already yielding for the public to see.

“We wish to reinstate hope for a better Zambia amongst our people living in despair”he added.

Kitwe being the hub of the copper belt and copper belt being the engine of our Nation,any economic pinch infringed on our country affects the copper belt more,it is therefore incumbent upon the leadership to inform our unsuspecting voters to have a glimpse of realities going on in the leadership circles.

Mr Chisenga applauded his district Chairman Elvis Nkandu and subsequently his Provincial Chairman Elisha Matambo for their commitment to duty and unwavering support that will see a dream for a better Zambia come to reality.

“What you saw in Kitwe and Mufulira last week when President Lungu came to the copper belt is just a tip,the part here has worked tremendously,we saw and heard it during voter registration,Zambians have decided,indeed hard work pays he added”

Commenting on the death of Ronald Manenga,Mr Chisenga urged remaining prospective candidates to emulate Manenga as far as party mobilisation was concerned and ensure victory for Upnd in August as it was the only way of honouring him and his beloved family
In his conclusion,he urged the people on the copper belt to safeguard their voters cards and their votes once cast as they could not afford another five years PF rule anchored on killing people from a range of atrocities namely,police shootings,expired

drug,gassers,mobs,market infernos , corruption in public purchases and all….”we owe ourselves a better Zambia and HH is the only hope currently”

He further urged those still wallowing in indecision to make up their minds and vote for HH as issues of governance were based on competency and abilities…
By CIC reporter!



  1. From the look of things Upnd is Zambia’s only hope. HH has constantly reminded Zambians that Pf is visionless and truly has sank Zambia to the lowest levels in terms of governance. Vote for Upnd for a better tomorrow.


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