VICE-PRESIDENT Inonge Wina says the PF victory in both Mwansabombwe in Luapula and Lukashya in Kasama are indicative of better outcomes for the ruling party in 2021.

And the Vice-President has announced that Minister of Finance Bwalya Ng’andu would next Friday announce the 2021 national budget.

Vice-President Wina in Parliament yesterday said the wins were a clear demonstration of the confidence Zambians had in the Patriotic Front government “under the exceptional stewardship of His Excellency Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu”.

“Allow me to congratulate the Patriotic Front for a landslide victory in Mwansabombwe and Lukashya constitutuencies…This is indeed a sign of better outcomes in the 2021 for the Patriotic Front.”

Patriotic Front’s George Chisanga emerged victorious in the Lukashya by-election by a landslide vote of 13,431 votes against UPND’s Davies Mulenga, who garnered 2,684 votes.

In Mwansabombwe, the PF’s Kampampi Kabaso polled 6,478 votes against UPND’s Sunday Maluba who got 1,522 votes.

Leader of the opposition in parliament Jack Mwiimbu congratulated the PF for the victory but mocked them saying while they were busy in Mwansabombwe and Lukashya campaigning the country’s economy collapsed.

“Congratulations for collapsing the economy while you were busy campaigning,” said Mwiimbu, who further asked the Vice-President the state of the Zambia/US government relations following the recall of the latter’s ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote, last year.

He wondered whether the bilateral relationship was still strong as it used to be.

Vice-President Wina said the relationship between the US government and Zambia is “extremely strong and very cordial”.

She said last month, the Zambian Ambassador to the Washington, Lazarus Kapambwe was accredited and was received at the White House by President Donald Trump.

“The fact that a new ambassador has not been appointed for Zambia or not arrived in Zambia, that one is in the hands of the American government,” Vice-President Wina said.

She said the government was not privy to any arrangements the US government was making but assured that Zambia’s relations were very secure and strong.

Itezhi Tezhi member of parliament Herbert Shabula said the “surprise” dismissal of Bank of Zambia governor Denny Kalyalya and the reasons given for the decision were not clear.

He said Dr Kalyalya had two supervisors in President Edgar Lungu and the Minister of Finance.

“Now what we see is that we see this man being dismissed for failure to manage the institution and later on the President admitted by saying now he will manage the economy, in his own words. What does this mean? …is this clear admission that the President and the finance minister have lamentably failed to run this nation? Is he accepting?” asked Shabula.

In response, Vice-President Wina said, “Mr Speaker, let me asure the country that the President of the Republic of Zambia Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu has not failed to run the economy of this country”.

She said the appointment of a central bank governor was a prerogative of the President.

Muchinga member of parliament Howard Kunda asked the Vice-President whether the government would institute a commission of inquiry into the privatisation programme, given the talk around the matter.

In response, Vice-President Wina said privatisation was a national issue being debated country-wide as people want to know what transpired during the exercise in the 1990s.

She said the involvement of some public figures in the exercise, the privatisation Act had a provision under section 32 which guided them.

She further said the Act required any person appointed to oversee the process to declare interest before accepting the appointment.

“Mr Speaker, members of the negotiating team were also required and expected to have high standards of professional integrity, transparency and professionalism since they were dealing with public assets, disclosure of personal interest was therefore, a legal requirement. So Mr Speaker, the people of Zambia are still debating this matter and they want their government to find a solution, to put an end to this discussion. And government has not yet decided on the mode of moving forward regarding this matter,” she said.

Vice-President Wina said when time is ripe, the government would take action on the privatisation talk, which had left parts of the country in poverty and destitution.



  1. If the PF must go because it has impoverished the people of Zambia, especially some parts of this country, that is the truth.
    People have been impoverished, subjected to grinding poverty, disease and misery under the 10 years of PF rule. In fact, these 10 years of the PF rule will go down in the annals of this country’s history as 10 black years,” Muzungu said. “If people say PF must go because under its rule corruption has festered, it is the truth.
    If people say PF must go because it has destroyed our motto of One Zambia One Nation, that is the truth.
    In this country, tribalism today is rife and for me this is very sad because I come from a long way; I saw this country as one family. Today I see the nation torn apart. My heart bleeds.”

  2. Vice -President Wina said when time is ripe, the government would take action on the privatisation talk, which had left parts of the country in poverty and destitution. Really!Then answer these questions;
    1. The people of Zambia would like to know how Mr Lungu increased his wealth from about K2million in 2014 (according 2015 Presidential Elections declarations), to about K22million in 2016. His salary and allowances do not align with such a leap in his fortunes.
    2. The selling of KCM after the 2001 elections;
    3. Privatisation of Zamtel as well as the Compensation given to “Libya” later;
    4. The procurement of 42 reconditioned Fire Trucks for $42m;
    5. The Purchase of a Gulfstream G650 Presidential Jet;
    6. The cancellation of a supply of a Sukhoi Superjet despite Government making a down payment;
    7. Procurement of ambulances at the cost of $288,000 per unit;
    8. The $17m contract awarded to honeybee Pharmacy to supply expired drugs;
    9. The $1.2 billion Lusaka/Ndola dual carriage way;
    10. The Mukula cartel allegations;
    11. The successive FIC report findings;
    12. The allegations of terrorist financing in East Africa;
    13. The COVID-19 funds and materials donated or allocated to the Ministry of health and Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit; and,
    14. The cartel supplying very expensive fuel to Zambia even when the global price is reasonably low and how those businessmen are bankrolling PF campaigns and State House.


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