MWENYA Musenge

FORMER Copperbelt minister Mwenya Musenge has urged President Edgar to display Statesmanship and not keep dancing like a ‘chongololo’ (millipede) in public.

Musenge also said the video circulating on social media where President Lungu was spotted arguing with party cadres before paramount chief Chitimukulu is embarrassing and shows that he has lost grip of his charges.

He said the video depicts President Lungu reporting his party members to his ‘boss’, which questions whether the Head of State is in control.

“Ba President wesu [Our President], with the video that has gone viral where he had a meeting with Ba Chitimukulu…that video is extremely embarrassing for the Head of State. There is no way the Head of State can come out in the manner he was as if he was reporting to his boss and yet he is the President of the country,” Musenge said.

He noted that cadres interjecting and responding while the Head of State is making his case speaks volumes and points to internal sabotage in order to embarrass him.

“Where one could even hear a certain cadre, a lady interjecting while the President was speaking. You have an internal meeting but it’s quickly captured and posted on social media! What type of security does the President have? What type of leadership are we seeing? This clearly tells you that even those who are working with him are not with him. That video was in bad taste, it was captured to embarrass him,” Musenge said. “What I know is that the President is the ‘alpha and omega’. In heaven it is God, on earth it is a president of a Republic who has been elected and whenever he speaks, it’s expected that all his subordinates must be quiet. But you find that his [President Lungu] subordinates are always toiling with him and interjecting when he is speaking and him (President) showing those gestures, that you start questioning whether he is in control.”

And Musenge has further urged President Lungu to manage his appetite for dancing whenever he hears music.

“The other thing that we are noting is this tendency of our Head of State dancing all over. Wherever there is a rally you find him dancing. I think that it should come to an end. I don’t know of any other president in the world we have heard who dances like ours. You find him dancing like a chongololo,” said Musenge. “You don’t do such things. That really doesn’t augur well. We want to see statesmanship. We want to see leadership in our Head of State.”



  1. Mr. Edgar Lungu is a loophole most corrupt PF leaders are using to steal public funds. Edgar Lungu’s enept leadership is the main reason most of, if not all, PF thieves pretend to love him and want him to continue ruling after 2021 against the constitution of the country. These thieves know very well that Edgar Lungu will dance to the tune of mismanagement of Zambian resources. However, these PF swindlers shouldn’t forget that they will face their own consequences as individuals. People like Lusambo, Jean Kapata, Tasila Lungu, Chitalu Chilufya just to mention a few will be dealt with as overwhelming evidence of stealing is already available.

  2. Ba Musenge: you tend to surprise me. Do you really think ECL is presidential material. Leave the lawyer from Chawama continue doing what he knows best.


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