As events unfold, The Zambian Times’ analysis is turning out to be true. We had categorically stated that Mabumba was targeted by people within the system. Now instead of covering him up, they are using state machinery to paint him more darker than he is. It is the state giving out more details about Mabumba’s sins.

In the Zambia Daily Mail report, Davis Chama is mentioned as a man who was wiser than dull Mabumba. Unlike Mabumba, Davies was able to tell that the fake friendship requests were from blackmailers. That part was meant to descredited Mabumba even more.

According government, the blackmailers demanded a mare USD 5,000. Is it really true Mabumba can fail to pay that amount so as to save his image and career? At the current rate, USD 5,000 is K91,500. A cabinet Minister earns about K80,000 per month. Surely can he fail to pay them? If he is so broke as the article is suggesting, He can even ask from his rich friends like Bowman.
Here is the full article:

  • Blackmailers luring prominent Zambians into explicit videos
    INFORMATION has emerged that more ministers have been targeted by online blackmailers based in Benin Republic.
    A highly-placed source said there are some other prominent Zambians who have fallen prey to online requests from women with the intention of blackmailing them.

  • The source said the scammer claims there are other prominent people that will soon follow.
    Last week, Minister of Defence Davies Chama said he has on several occasions received persistent “funny friend requests” from people he does not know but he has resisted the temptation to give in.

  • The sources said people who led former Minister of General Education David Mabumba into a video chat are based in Benin and they demanded US$5,000 if he did not want them to reveal it to the public.
    Credit :The Zambian time




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