President Hakainde Hichilema has disclosed that some Diplomats were recalled from Foreign Service without his authority or knowledge.

“Someone recalled Diplomats (from Foreign Service) we didn’t recall, and sneaked in their replacements to dispatch. But we have dealt with that.”

In his first announcement, State House announced the recall of eight(😎 Ambassadors and two (2) Deputies.

But Foreign Affairs has proceeded to recall most press secretaries and other Diplomats with the number rising from ten (10) to fourty five (45) Diplomats.

On Monday, President Hichilema fired Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Permanent Secretary, Dr. Ronald Simwiinga and Secretary to Cabinet, Dr. Simon Miti.


  1. PF appointees are crooks, and how true the observation that PF was a criminal enterprise. Can you imagine the adaucity and crookedness to hide behind a straight forward instruction to recall more diplomats than was authorized, and attempt to put in PF cadres, relatives and friends?

    These are monkeys in a maize field for sure. One can shudder to imagine how much money they took out of grz coffers when ever ECL requested cash to be delivered to him.

    It is not enough to dismiss such people. They should be prosecuted, and the more reason people are asking the president to urgently get rid of these PF appointees. Most of them are hard core criminals.

  2. HH is to blame for this. He is the one that is taking years to replace top officials in his Govt and the first to complain when PF cadres sabotage his efforts. I wonder what kind of leadership he intents to superintend.

    • UPND cadres want to eat like their PF counterparts. But HH is bringing different type of politics never known in Zambia. He knows the power lies the people not just the cadres. By mid next year UPND cadres will know the truth of the new dawn.


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