FORMER MMD faction president Felix Mutati has formed a new political party called Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

On 5th November 2019, The Lusaka High Court declared the 2016 MMD convention which elected Mutati and other office bearers, null and void, and ordered the Register of Societies to immediately remove him as the office holder.

But after about a year of silence in the political space, Mutati has formed his own MDC party which a breakaway from MMD.

Speaking at the launch if his party in Lusaka yesterday, Mutati said MDC has been created to serve the people of Zambia and to bring prosperity.

He assured Zambians that their votes will not go to waste if they vote for him in 2021.

He said once he forms government, he will put a stop to the culture of prosperity through corruption and promote prosperity through hard work.

“We will create the best fiscal, economic and social policies and legislative environments tailored to support local development efforts which recognize that you cannot borrow beyond your capacity to repay, nor can you spend what you do not have,” Mutati said.

Mutati said he will also establish a public-private sector infrastructure fund to put a brake on debt accumulation and invest more sustainably to create jobs and wealth.

He added that his party will amend accounting and tax rules to encourage individuals and companies to invest and participate in local and rural economies.

And Mutati urged youths with political ambitions to join the party.

Among the notable political figures that attended the launch of the MDC were Lusaka Lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF), former Development and Planning minister Lucky Mulusa, and former Labour Minister Facxkson Shamenda.


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