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We have yet again failed to qualify to the World Cup at the helm of Mr Andrew Kamanga as FAZ president. Those saying our failure to qualify to the World Cup can be attributed to the untimely dismissal of Coach Micho are wrong.

The same Micho you untimely dismissed was untimely appointed by Uganda and he is bringing results for our neighbors. So it’s not time. But right appointments.

The main problem FAZ is facing is finding right replacements after firing a coach. For example, when Micho was dismissed, Mr Wedson Nyirenda was the right candidate for the job but because of personal reasons, Mr Andrew Kamanga chose Beston Chambeshi.

The other aspect Mr Kamanga has failed is to tactically win the game. Look, he makes the team camp in Moroccan and Cameroun for more than seven days before flying to the destination country for the game so that our players can acclimatize to the weather conditions of a particular country.

However, Tunisia and Equatorial Guinea didn’t camp in any nearby country to acclimatize to our weather conditions but instead we made the atmosphere favourable for our opponents by choosing timings that were suitable for them. Why play at 18:00hrs to give advantage to Equatorial Guinea?

There are so many ways of killing a rat. We could have played Tunisia and Equatorial Guinea at 14 hours when it is very hot. But just ensure that our players acclimatize to such atmosphere in training. Mindset game we call it.

From game one, Mr Chambeshi hasn’t been impressive. The selection of players has been very bad. World cup qualifiers need experience and to him, he relies on the under 20 players only. It’s one experiment after the other. Kennedy Mweene, Stophila Sunzu, Nathan and Kalaba can still help the team but just like his selection as a coach was a shock when we expected Wada Wada who almost took us to the first world Cup had it not been for thst referee.

He can’t even get right substitutions. The game against Equatorial Guinea at heroes was quite impressive until some changes were made that didn’t even bring positive impacts. In as much as people the ref did some dirty job in Equatorial Guinea, I meant to believe that we were still headed for a lose.

Let Mr Kamanga and Mr Chambeshi take leave please. They have done their level best. We need to see minds. You can’t keep doing the same thing all the times and expect different results.


  1. Kamanga should go with imediate effect. We need tacticians at administration level and coach level this total shame to Zambian football. Guinea sure, imwe Guinea!!??.
    Infact we better take leave to all international matches until a full audit is conducted why zero performance


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