By Kangwanda Mucembele

The Barotse Royal Authority have finally declared that his majesty the king of Barotseland, Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II, Mbumu , Ngocana, Namani-tuna, kaongolo ka nyambe yena mulena yo muhulu wa Bulozi will never ever step foot in a Zambian court to be insulted by small boys and manyukunyuku judges.

In a hinted meeting that lasted some hours in Limulunga Royal village, the Royal Authority disclosed that Lubosi Imwiko will not be taken or allowed to go to Zambian court because that’s an insult to the lozi traditional.

What we want in fact it’s for the court to issue a bench warrant for him and that will be the end. We are going to demand all Zambia government employees to leave and vacate Barotseland. We are going to chase them away from our land.

Any Zambian constitution that comes will never overlap our traditional and cultural here in Barotseland because as far as we are concerned Zambian government is ruling us illegally. Since 1969 the occupation of Zambian government in Barotseland is illegal and they don’t have any power or whatsoever to tell us on what to do with our own cultural. How can a Bemba or Nyanja be a judge to something that you don’t know.

Touching on the Litunga it’s an insult and we are going to deal with them.

A senior Induna said, our kings are made by God not by a small person or anyone but it happens at Makono where our ancestors have to accept or not but once they accept you then you are final. It’s only our ancestors that choose and make kings.

To start with, our King can not enter any court or kuzekiswa he is protected by our own traditional immunity because he is kaongolo ka nyambe . Our litunga does not make mistakes it’s us the Indunas that makes mistakes. If anyone finds a problem here , he or she is free to take us to court not the Litunga.

Traditionally, we have Induna Natamoyo who is justice minister who has the mandate to deal with all patterning issues to deal with lawlessness and veto.

And the Kuta has also rubbished the summons where it says ” in the name of the president you Lubosi Imwiko has to appear before this court in person. You see, we had so many cases of Chiefs going to courts but we have never seen or heard any one appearing in court personally and this is where these manyukunyuku want to embarrass and reduce our Litungaship. And we are not going to allow such maneuvers to happen.

Let Nabiwa and his group take their own Litunga to court since he claims that he has the power to install or is it making, let him install his friends. Otherwise we are not going to allow this one, the only one, our own kaongolo ka nyambe to appear before munyukunyuku judge or be it Zambian court.

Should the continue to play with us , we are going to chase them away from the same court buildings because that’s our own building. Zambian government doesn’t own anything here in Barotseland. Those buildings they have using were built before independence.

In January 2011 these same manyukunyuku judiciary were arresting and persecuting our youths and Barotse Activists in Mumbwa , kabwe and Lusaka and they refused to bring the cases to mongu but today they only interested in embarrassing our ngocana to be tried in mongu, Ma labbish.

We are ready for them.



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