A 22-year-old man has murdered his one-year daughter following a custody dispute with his ex-wife in Nchelenge District of Luapula Province.

Provincial Police Chief Chilije Nyirenda said the suspect who has been identified as John Mimbululu murdered his daughter in his own house.

Mr. Nyirenda said the suspect is alleged to have been denied custody of his daughter after the divorce with his wife.

He said that the suspect had however managed to take in their one year old child in the absence of the mother and murdered her.

Mr. Nyirenda said the suspect had divorced his 18-year-old wife in July this year and had not been given a chance to see his child.

“The suspect had on several occasions threatened to kill the child because his ex wife was denying him custody, and this is the report we have,” Mr. Nyirenda said

He said police managed to arrest the suspect who is currently in police custody while body of the child is in Saint Paul’s Mission Hospital Mortuary.



  1. 22 years old and you are married, what kind of marriage can that be? When I was 22 I was in my second year at Campus, and at 25 I graduated and started working, I was only ready for marriage at 28. Now I am a father of four, 30, 27, 23 and 17 year olds with no one murdered and no divorce.

    I am not writing this to boast or to claim to be perfect but to show that you need to grow up, become mature before you get married, not just because kuti naimba imbeba no kunwa kachasu ati I must marry. Go get the life first, know how to treat a woman, how to care and not how to murder your children. Stupid idiot.


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