The National Democratic Congress, NDC, has welcomed new members that have defected from the PF, Rainbow and Socialist party.

Welcoming the new members, NDC party president Dr. Chishimba Kambwili said that he was very happy that the new members had joined NDC as the party had a pro poor agenda that the original PF under president Michael Chilufya Sata had.

Among the people that joined that NDC today were father Richard Luonde from the Socialist party, Newton Chabala from the Rainbow party, former Member of Parliament for Luanshya, as well as District Commissioner for Chingola and Luanshya honourable Jean Phiri and Mrs Febby Nsanda, the widow to the late Willie Nsanda, who both came from the PF.

The party has also received various members from the above mentioned parties and others that could not travel travel to Lusaka to be part of the press conference.

Speaking to the media, NDC president said that the new members were expected to hit the ground running as the country currently had no leadership to talk about.

‘The PF are busy faking defections and making it look like our members are joining them. No normal person can leave NDC to join PF. And NDC has cards, so where are the membership cards that those so called members have if they are really members of NDC? We have seen these games before under MMD and that’s the reason president Sata never made cards in PF. But NDC has cards and those people that PF are parading as NDC are not our members otherwise they would have membership cards,’ president Kambwili said.

President Kambwili also bemoaned the harassment of the youth and musicians that were speaking out against corruption in the country and warned Lusaka Minister Bowman Lusambo to respect the freedom of expression of the youth in the country.

Issued by Saboi Imboela
Spokesperson- NDC



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