James Lukuku


James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku, RPP President

my understanding of leadership is that kufumyapofye umungulu.

Zambians who are suffering are just victims of umungulu wantungulushi.

When you look at Rwanda today, it is a sum total of a dream and imagination that was once merely neural content in the brain, flesh and blood of President Paul Kagame. That’s the source of what the world is saying and seeing about Rwanda.

If we are to take President Edgar Lungu today and transfer him to go and rule in Rwanda, Kigali would become like chibolya in less than two years.

The conviction I have that President HH is capable of fixing our damaged republic is the fact that between President HH and late President Mwanawasa, I personally see no difference.

President HH is capable of running a government at zero percent corruption while President Lungu is running a government at 1million% corruption.

During the time of Privatisation, President HH was a very young man, he was just a kapyopyo. He was not even the director of the Zambia Privatisation Agency. He was not even a minister and above all HH was not even a Republican President.

Its thus day light Sunday Chanda foolishness for any one to suggest that President HH sold the mines.

When you question the wealth of President HH, you should as well question the zero wealth of those who were bosses to President HH during the time of Privatisation.

When you talk about President HH, you are talking about an exceptional brain comrades.

A businessman who participates in politics especially in our country, end up losing all they have because of invisible calculating political hands. GBM, CK, BY Mwila, Fred Mmembe and several others are typical examples. Otherwise the list is endless.

President HH on the contrary has mastered that unique business art of perfecting his business and corporate management outside political circles. Both the MMD and PF governments have failed to unsettle President HH businesses because the base of his business is genuine and based on transparent and clean business management.

Sembebanamusiliza kudala Bally.

Such an exceptional leader have something extra ordinary to transcend in the life blood of our republic. This is why like a tick, I will stick to President HH because in him I see a leader who can transform our republic as I learn from his discipline.

The News Diggers analysis was fantabulous. But to state that even Bally can’t fix it is a very negative prejudgement.

This is the only guy deserving of our benefit of doubt. Let’s provide him with a long rope to hung himself.

James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku, RPP President



  1. Wise words president lukuku.many political parties have since gone under as if they never existed.l totally agree with u bwana lukuku that hh can transform this beautiful country if given a chance next year.


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