No Forgiveness for PF Thieves when UPND forms Government – Simataa

By CIC Reporter | 2 Dec 2020 | Lusaka
UPND firebrand Kamwala Ward 5 aspiring councillor Mainda Simataa says that there will be no forgiving or forgetting the economic plunder caused by PF thieves when the UPND forms government. CiC caught up with Simataa this morning at the Lusaka Magistrates court where he went to make a follow-up on the pending trial of incarcerated fellow UPND member, Matomola Likwanya.

“Look here, reports show that 60% of the $27 billion dollars we owe as debt in this country has been stolen and is in the pockets of PF thieves; so are women and youths in my ward for example, going to accept to be told that there’s no development and empowerment money when they know that $18 million dollars of tax-payers money was wasted to by a lodge used by political prostitutes and drug dealers,” asked Simataa.

Simataa was reacting to the $18 million dollars worth of NAPSA workers pension money which has been stolen by the PF government through a bogus property deal where NAPSA has bought Chrismar Lodge owned by drug king-pin and friend of President Lungu, Valden Findlay, who is wanted by the American FBI, DEA and Interpol for an international drug trafficking cartel which NDC President Kambwili exposed.

Simataa added that the crusade against PF corruption is a holy war that every Zambian is hoping and waiting for, and as such, it must be pursued at all costs, and must culminate in the arrest, prosecution, punishment and dispossesion of all those who have impoverished Zambians economically, leaving Zambia as the 4th hungriest nation in the world.

“This crusade must not only be pursused for publicity sake, but it must be won for two reasons: first, it important to recover all monies stolen from the Zambian people with a view to invest it back in the grassroots economic programs, such as youth and women empowerment.

Secondly, a very strong signal must be sent to serving and aspiring looters that they can loot for 10 years, but when they leave power, the long arm of the law will pursue them and take away whatever they have stolen, and throw them in jail for another 10 years or more for their economic crimes”.

Simataa has further called for the introduction of capital punishment for corruption offenders like it is in China.



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