One of my weaknesses is that I don’t give out money, says Given Lubinda!

Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda says one of his weaknesses is that he refuses to give alms to cadres, a principle some people dislike him for.

Lubinda, who is also Minister of Justice said in an interview he has instead chosen to change people’s lives through community service, which has set him apart from his colleagues.

“With all the successes, one of my greatest weaknesses is that I have not been one who gives alms. I don’t go to markets, for instance and start throwing money at people. I have never done that. And my conscious doesn’t allow me to do such a thing,” he said.

Lubinda said he does not want to encourage Zambia to be a nation of beggars.

“For me that is demeaning of human beings. This is the reason why some people on the streets don’t really like me because I don’t give them money when others are giving them. I refuse because I don’t want to disrespect anybody. I don’t want to encourage people to become a begging nation,” he said.

Credit: Zambia Daily Mail


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