Southern Province PF Chairperson Lawrence Evans

SOUTHERN Province PF chairperson Lawrence Evans says the ruling party has the best leaders Zambia requires.

He called on youths and women to seriously “audit us and see who is the best between us and the opposition leaders”.

In an interview, Evans said opposition parties have no alternatives to what the PF is doing.

“We have the very best of leaders that Zambia requires and deserves, from the principal himself (President Edgar Lungu) to party leaders at ward level. No any other opposition party can equal what we have, name them, UPND, NDC or other family grown opposition political parties too numerous to mention,” Evans said.

He said 2021 is a good year for Zambians to reflect on what they really want, adding that it was not a good idea to experiment with national governance.

Evans urged women and youths to seriously evaluate the leaders that want to challenge President Lungu.

“We have a chance to reflect and set a way forward for our country come 2021. Do we want to get into a leadership laboratory and start experiments or stick to what we have? The definite answer is let’s stick to the hard working team the PF has led by His Excellency President Edgar Lungu,” Evans said. “I call on all youths and women to seriously audit us and see who is the best between us and the opposition leaders.”

He said the PF in the province would mobilise itself so as to grab some parliamentary and local government seats from the UPND.



  1. Evans wants a job from ECL so that he can also be at the centre of the looting and pornographic team. He is on the periphery in Southern Province where there is nothing to steal. No government in Zambia`s history has done so much damage to this country as PF under Lungu. Who in PF can compare to HH in terms of integrity, knowledge, honesty, social standing, business acumen etc. No Mr. Evans. It is either you are a terrible hypocrite or you have not been paying attention.

  2. Best Leaders in entertaining cadres storming Radio and Police stations,Best Leaders in entertaining Corruption, Best Leaders in Gassing, Best Leaders who failed to reveal the owner of 48 houses, Best Leaders in Tribalism and Best Leaders in Violence,Lawrence Evans go a head Best Leaders in pornographer Name them.

  3. Is this supposed to be a joke, sir? Please stop your euphemism, Mr Lawrence. We are hungry and can’t stand such jokes.

  4. Evans lacks even the most basic understanding of what leadership means and looks like. He must have always belonged to Group D in class. If what comes from Group D is true, then Zambia has no hope at all.

  5. He is a finished coloured, who has lost it all. PF, has imoral leadership. Uneducated. You are not the same person I used to admire. Sorry, you are not my cup of tea anymore

  6. Evan’s are you hallucinating? Right now Zambia has got the worst leaders since 1964. You are boot licking to keep food on your table.

  7. First and foremost, Evans should not think Zambians are stupid, if he keeps his head out of his Ass long enough he should be able to tell that these clowns are the worst leaders Zambia has ever had since creation of this world. and if his insistence is that these clowns are the best for Zambia, then Zambians are a Bunch of fools which I believe they are not.

  8. This idiot is perhaps an animal, in animal kingdom perhaps they qualify as the best. I just asked my dog and it says even in theirs they are the worst that should never have ever happened. And once they are gone, the only time they should be heard is when sentences are being handed down.


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