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The ruling Patriotic Front in Matero Constituency has suspended Matero Ward 28 councilor Annie Chinyanta for her conduct of disrespecting area Member of Parliament Lloyd Kazhiya.

Chinyata has been suspended for 30 days.
The leadership in the constituency has also recommended to the party leadership to discipline Kazhiya because of his failure to exculpate himself.

More in the statement below
Press Statement: PF Suspends Matero Ward 28 Councillor For Disrespecting MP
The party has decided to suspend councillor Annie Chiyanta of Matero ward 28 who is a Chairlady for 30 days from the date of receipt of the suspension letter.

  1. Reason being disrespectful to the MP who is superior to her. This did not conform to the Zambia culture because the Zambia Traditions teaches us to respect elders. As a party will be monitoring her behavior and conduct
  2. For the MP Honourable Lloyd Kazhiya, we have referred his case to the district for further consideration as the Matero constituency has found him guilty and needs to be punished.
    Reasons for Hon Lloyd Kazhiya disciplinary recommendations to be disciplined are as follows:
  3. Failing to exculpate himself against all charges
  4. Failing to appear before discipline committee
  5. In a charge letter, we as a party, instructed him not to have media statements but with impunity the MP was issuing the statement to the media.
  6. He himself confessed working with the opposition parties as he was quoted in almost all tabloids that opposition party wants him
  7. Failure to work with party structures
  8. His conduct towards the area councillor lack respect to his junior officer.
    The Matero constituency PF is now appealing to all members of Parliament to vote for bill 10 which will allow them to be in council chamber to guide the councillors.
    Chripin Kabole
    Matero PF Chairman



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