The PF has been printing NRC’S since November 2019, this is the fraud we’ve been talking about.

Conniving with the ECZ they will print hundreds of thousands of voters cards even for foreign nationals living on the Malawi and Congo borders and children in the village of Luapula, Northern, Muchinga and Eastern Provinces.

This is the whole reason why ECZ has introduced online voter registration, so that these foreign nationals and children who have obtained these fraudulent NRC will not have to present themselves physically at a voter registration center, they will only show up to vote on election day.



  1. The PF need to exit we want our same country back. Zambia was once a paradise now it s ruled by threats and cadres from the ruling party.

  2. Yes. Now you are talking. Because I talked about these PF dirty scheme sometime ago. Online registration and voting, registration of foreigners, dead people. Since it will be online voting even dead will vote.

  3. As much I don’t support PF government, please explain this scam in details. What you have stated is a speculation, as I know the voters online registration is going on with ECZ rightly, but not online voting, it won’t happen in Zambia for the 2021general elections. Second such stories should be very specific so that as alert Zambians we can be able to curb the scam. Printing NRCs and voters card for young, dead and even foreigners believe me or not, can never make a political party win elections. Let’s concentrate in areas which can help us to VOTE OUT PF out of government, not mere speculations. Pipo easily lose interest in speculators or alarmists.


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