I told some friends that until Jay- Israel reveals what power ALPH LUKAU and himself were using to prophecy, I will not believe his new found repentance.

Well, in his latest broadcast, he has decided to bare it all.

He said, this was the day, he was initiated into SATANISM publicly We know it happened secretly in the bedroom before this time.

If you care to listen for yourself, go to his page and get a first hand info.

I took time to watch the so called ordination thing long time before now, and you just see it was nothing short of occultic initiation.

For those who called me names when I told you that alph LUKAU is nothing but a SATANIST, I have nothing much to tell you because I understand your difficulties.

But each passing day, I am a happy man because truth will always resurrect, no matter how long you burry it.









You can follow him on his Facebook page and watch the video of his confession on how he was initiated into the occult.

What you should note is his spiritual father’s signs.

you can also noticed the same with him






you can judge for yourself it is not every prophets, that is prophesying for God. See more of his pictures and his spiritual father.



This was wen he was commissioned into the occultic realm.


This is a big warning for young Ministers looking for spiritual father’s, not every prophets you should run to for spiritual help. Some will deceived you into the occultic world in the name of anointing you for spiritual powers.

See the reaction of some of his followers here



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