Painting of a President Lungu by Caleb Chisha "Eagle One, Oil On Canvas."

By Chibesa Kalandwe II BA (UNZA), Msc (Arizona)
The numbers are there for all to see.
The contagion is ripping through the population. Thousands are now pitching up at hospital facilities failing to breath.

Two weeks ago, I warned about this. I predicated that the 3rd wave that will hit Zambia was doing press ups in India. Here we are today, a daily infection rate of 2000 is a public health emergency. This is no time for politics.

President Lungu should proceed and invoke his constitutional power by recalling the previous life of Parliament and declaring a State of Public Emergency.

Opposition political party leaders like Hakainde Hichilema do not mean well. If they did, they could not have gathered yesterday to tell people to ignore the Electoral Commission of Zambia ban on political gatherings.

Zambia is recording a daily infection rate of 2000, at that viral speed, by the time the first ballot is cast in August, the public health facilities will be overwhelmed with the sick and our mortuaries will be piling up with dead bodies. India is about to unfold in Zambia.

If you tell Zambians to social distance, they will not just do it. Mr. President, It is time to use force to make them do so. Our country will be a huge landfill of the dead and sick if we put democracy first before our well being.
There is no need to risk for an election that Hakainde Hichilema has already lost. We need to postpone it to a later date.


  1. You are totally misinformed. The SARS2 virus does not spread because of outdoor gatherings. It spreads more efficiently indoors. Infections are spreading in bars, night clubs, churches and even hotels which President Lungu encouraged to open last June at the Victoria Falls. We scientists now know more about this virus than last year. The WHO has even said that sanitising with alcohol and cleaning surfaces is not necessary. Good old soap and water are enough. Wash hands with soap, wear face covering in public and indoors and keep 1 meter away from strangers.

  2. You another of cadre, if you were genuinely a health concerned person you would not have mentioned HH not meaning well, cause even pf is out there campaigning, we have seen madam wins in the name of checking developmental progress carry with her Lou. So may friend you are wasting your time, if those qualifications are like the SGs then wait zambia ponseponse ll change its ralolty after the 12.

  3. The idiot is simply a gun hired without ammunitions. Let his belly emergency be declared on his anus and be observed by his two balls. His article smells of rotten chronic diarrhea.

    While we agree that Covid 19 is real and very much around, we also know that Covid 21 was cooked by the outgoing frightened little men who cannot stomach the dwindling fortunes they have suffered.

    When Covid 19 just came, contact tracing was very much pronounced and religiously done. Masking and Sanitizing were also mandatory in public places and transportation to the extent that some overzealous bootlickers went on rampage whipping innocent Zambians as if they were their childrens. Church, Funeral and Bar gatherings were restricted.

    But how can something more serious as the third wave attract relaxation of rules and regulations and promote the gallivanting of Lungu, Wina and Luo and meeting crowds without any observation of the rules?

  4. Is there a way to stop this anarchy caused by outsiders and a few Zambians to undermine the will of Zambians. What can Zambians do to stop this harrasssment and intimidation?

  5. The problem is that even mother fckers like Chilandwe the author of this article, is entitled to his misguided opinion!
    Nonetheless, we still have to tell him that he is an idyot trying to extend Lungu’s misrule hiding behind Covid19!


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