For Immediate Release

Commodity prices must be determined by forces of supply and demand. Government can only intervene in prices through tools such as monetary policies, subsidies or venture capital.
Amongst these three, only subsidies serve to disrupt the free market price mechanism and it is normally applied to essential commodities also refered to as basket goods. The insistence by government that the cement producers have flouted market rules are very unfortunate.

What makes matters even worse is the fact that cement has no imported element. All resources used in cement production are of extractive nature and in ambundance in Zambia. Instead of throwing billions of cash to cadres who will definitely rise against them in the run-up to 12th Aug, they could have either invested in one or two new private sector producer using the government funding as their negotiating power to bargain for lower cement prices.

Government should intervene into private sector on business terms not command terms. What has happened with lafarge is a sad ending of the PF failed Economic management for which they are putting the blame on innocent cement firms without shame. ‘Insoni ebuntu’. PF, just admit that you have failed and let HH Government correct your messed Economy.

Ba PF it’s time to go. Stop blaming producers. You, the PF Government with your pilot ECL have failed. Kwamana. Chapwa!
Issued by: Franklin Membe NDC Chairperson Incharge of National Development and Planning / Party Acting Spokesperson


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