Police should be allowed to thoroughly investigate the authenticity of the video depicting General Education Minister David Mabumba fondling his genitals.

National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister Godfridah Sumaili has therefore urged the public to stop circulating the video.

Ms. Sumaili says it is unethical and immoral for people to continue circulating the video.

The video which has gone viral on social media shows Mr Mabumba in three different places fondling his genitals.
Last year, Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister Lawrence Sichalwe had allegedly accidentally circulated a pornographic video which the Police are still investigating.



  1. The same woman who banned people from entering the country because of their lack of appropriate clothing and lewd dancing is more worried about people circulating the video but not the moral fortitude of the actor (Minister of Educ) in the video? She was so quick to pass judgment in the past, but not here?

  2. Minister Sumaili, I think you do not deserve that position. If your pre – occupation is to defend wrong doing then I am afraid you are not doing this country any good. If you are really a reverend you could have been ashamed to belong to this group. Mabumba is not fit to hold public office and if you as religious Affairs minister sees this differently then there is something terribly wrong with you.
    Instead of telling people to stop circulating the video, you need to begin having seminars on morality for your fellow ministers. Corruption is another moral issue but we see all the accused Ministers who appearing in court behaving as if nothing has happened. just how do you look at each other in your cabinet meetings?
    If you do not act, Zambian will act on you period. We are fed up.

  3. She is in the position as a decoy to convince people that Lungu really believes in Zambia being a Christian country while they loot the country into bankruptcy. Lungu is a Ambala! Ask RB.

  4. Maybe she also has a video of her own that’s why she is busy defending him and that’s why she refused Zondwa to come because that was going to be stiff competition for her.

  5. Madamu, you are useless, no one sent Mabumba, to do what he did. And you must be ashamed of yourself, What is the police going to investigate? ubupulumushi? That is why, SEER1, told you, you are just wasting tax payers money. Your ministry is useless. How can investigation take a year for the Ministry of Chiefs minister,take that long. You have failed. 2021, abolish that ministry. Its a waste of money.

  6. Irrelevant minister in an irrelevant ministry.sure tax payers money is spent on paying people who add no value to this country.can some one tell me what job this woman or her permanent secretary does.youths are jobless hence you appoint people who just seat around thus getting allowances for free.what good has that ministry brought.imwe madam?you know you are just getting free money and you are proud.that is stealing and God hates thieves.resign if really you a Christian


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