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Rwanda: Rebel Leader Sankara Tells Court His Group Was Facilitated by Zambian President to Launch Attacks in Rwanda

Chimp Corps, July 14 2020 1 minute read
Sankara (L) and his lawyer in court in Kigali

Maj.Nsabimana Sankara Calliixte has Monday told Rwanda’s High Court for International and cross-border crimes that his group National Liberation Force(FLN) received US dollars 150,000 from Zambian President Edgar Lungu to launch attacks in Rwanda.

Maj Sankara who faces 17 charges including Terrorism and murder was appearing before court for hearing a case in which some of the victims of the rebel groups attack were seeking compensation for the suffering inflicted on them by the attacks.

Before the case commenced, Maj Sakara reportedly requested to be allowed to tell court about a funding his group got form one of the Presidents of country he didn’t want to mention.

The presiding judge granted him the opportunity and asked him to name the country and the president since so that those seeking compensation also get to know.

He said towards the end of 2017, Zambian President Edgar Lungu agreed to support opposition politician and leader of MRCD the political wing of FLN Paul Rusesabagina to topple President Kagame and immediately offered $ 150,000 for the cause.

President Lungu was in Rwanda for two-day state visit in February 2018.

“Early 2019 before I was arrested One Nsengiyumva Appolinaire a leader of PDR one the many political parties that form MRCD travelled to Zambia to meet Lungu to discuss how he would offer them more support,” Maj Sankara told court.

He emphasized that it was the money given to them by Lungu that was used to launch the initial attacks in Rwanda noting that they couldn’t have started the war without Lungu’s support.

Nsabimana’s claims could stoke diplomatic tensions between Rwanda and Zambia. He did not provide evidence to back up his claims.

The timing of the revelations has raised eyebrows considering that Nsabimana previously told court that Ugandan army officers including Chief of Military Intelligence, Maj Gen Abel Kandiho supported his rebel movement, another claim he didn’t substantiate.

Zambia is home to hundreds of wealthy Hutu refugees, many of whom are opposed to the reign of President Paul Kagame.

Most of these refugees left Rwanda when Kagame took power in 1994. Lungu previously served as Zambia’s Foreign Affairs Minister.

During the M23 conflict in eastern DRC, Lungu supported regional efforts including formation of a joint force to fight the M23 rebels who were linked to Rwanda.

Zambia shares an estimated 1,900 kilometer border with DRC where Hutu militants seeking to topple Kagame are based.





  1. We have a militia for a president. Now you can see why there’s so much violence from the cadras. We need to get rid of this guy. Opposition parties open your eyes the COVID-19 bonds could end up being fund raising to fund PF violence. Scrutinise where they want to use the money. These are very serious allegations raised in a high court trial.

  2. It can be true imformation. Nowonder we are seeing such big provocative marshas with matchets. Zambians be alert twaingililwa nama rebels. If you watch very carefully those youths being nubbed or sent to fight opposition, and are not arrested are not Zambians and purely are foreigners who are suicide commandols in PF regalia. Find them if you can tress them properly. They are in Uniforms and plain clothes nowonder the PF real greens are out. We thank God to reveal these thugs.

  3. Ba PF guys real Zambians start checking on who is next to you. Zambians make noise and we know them well that they dont fight and can not kill. The question is why today that we see massive killings and gassing all over?
    Alabane twasanswa nowonder we see merceless people beating and killings. Ba Mumbi Phiri basokololeni you are a mother and a woman with compassionate who can not go against your own like the GBM, KZ and Sunday Chanda.

    • I personally don’t like Lungu because of corruption and other ills in his government but this is too much for him. Maybe lets properly review the evidence raised against him. The best we can do is ask for answers for the Gassing incidents that we experienced earlier this year. My Lungu can’t sponsor a militia no matter what…

  4. Assuming this is true, why would Zambia get entangled in Rwanda’s internal fights? We’re not even neighbours. Paul Kagame has stabilized Rwanda after the tragedy of 1994 using methods only a military man knows. The nxt stage of Rwanda’s development is now entirely up to the Rwandese themselves. Where they violently disagree we should offer mediation and not spending our money by backing one of the factions.

  5. President Edgar Lungu is wicked and evil let him stop hiding in Christianity and humility which in essence he does not possess those qualities. His ascendancy to power was questionable and manipulative.

    Edgar Lungu has totally destroyed and ruined the economy and social fabric of humanity in Zambia. What good has he done for Zambia for him to desire to continue aspiring for the presidency in 2021? Poverty, stealing, corruption, violence, destruction, hadred, wastefulness and tribalism are the things he knows very well.

    If indeed he supported the operations of rebels in Rwanda to distabalize the peace of country then the International Court of Justice should persue President Edgar Lungu for his criminal involved in Rwanda. What a shame where are the Christians for Lungu when their humble follower is busy committing crimes?

  6. This could be true unfortunately because I have tried to search for this information on the web am just finding the same news on many international websites

  7. I am surprised that the man in Zambian State house is not normal. We have problems of not paying retirees and those of load shading. Where does he find money to pay Rwandanese Rebels. Those that have alleged that the man is not Zambian have a point. Very likely also is that it is Zambians who are not normal. How do they allow their resources to be plundered in this manner for sure.

  8. Supporters Of ECL including RB should apologize to Zambians. Our public Service and even the security wings are useless. They should have known this information long time ad facilitated some leakage. It seems they love their tuma jobs at the expense of the nation.

  9. This is an embarrassment at the highest level Bowman Lusambo make a comment Sunday Chanda we are waiting for your comments please. If it was the son of the soil HH supporting rebel leader SANKARA these people I have mentioned here would have climbed the FINDECO house announcing to the whole world that opposition in Zambia bla bla .

  10. Trouble in Zambia. If all of us check and observe the police of the day, you will discover that whenever there are peaceful demonstrations by ordinary citizens, check well and see which officers sent to disrupt people, you will never sport one officer in camouflager that that one is officer Mulenga, or Lishebo, Musole, Hamweene, or Mwansa. All of them have not known.
    Please why do such a harm to your own citizen? Awe, the truth of the matter is there is no smoke without fire and now we have come to know the true colors of our leaders and that is why some are hiding in the name of bill 10, others are saying whether you vote us out we shall rule you even beyond 2026. This is a true reflection of the word.
    This issue is all over Rwanda news paper. It will be difficulty to remove ECL that is why he can not reshuffle or fire the continuous wrong doers because he knows what it takes, lest they reveal secrets behind all this scum.
    That is my opinion and if it is ZCTA wants to follow us up, first clear the wind blown by Rwandan rebel in Court.

  11. So sad for our beautiful Zambia. What has befallen our humble President. “THERE IS NO SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE”. Last time we heard him getting involved with a girl from Swaziland and proved to be true. Is there any reason to doubt the Rwanda involvement. “Cry my beloved Zambia, a Christian nation”.

  12. It could be true..If they managed to gas citizens and seek seer 1 for powers…what can stop them from sponsoring rebels? Very possible…they have failed to disclose the gassers! True the big man’s ascendancy to power was’s possible..what a shame, an embarrassment for some one called a lawyer? A lawyer who is busy protecting criminals..let icc investigate him

  13. Can I hear the LT and Mwebantu say something? Please go to Rwandan Web, you will find it all over. Its not something one may say its opposition. My heart bleeds and I can not stay ndwiiii without commenting on this issue its all about life and death to our children and our Country.
    PF knows where these criminals are are being trained. Its not to disturbance Rwanda but to kill us Zambians so that greedy people remain in power for life.
    Where is our Judiciary, where are our own loving men and women in Uniform and what is your word over this? You took oath to protect your own people and not to harass your own citizens but see what is all going on in Zambia today. You can not voice out freely and publicly you will either loose you life or arrested for nothing. Thank Con Panji Kaunda only PF MP is with Zambians and maybe knows something. Thank you bwana Fube for standing on your principals. We salute John Sangwa even when intimidated he raises his voice out as a SC, please ba real PF open your eyes and see well. Icikwanka bacimwena kumampalanya.
    Thank you God to reveal all these issues. If they came in through Seer1 ati alebosa but now look where issues are resurrecting from. Do we have any trust by our neighboring countries apart from Zimbabwe and trust even Zimbabwe has started doubts on mother Zambia.

    • Spare the Judiciary. Wht can the Judiciary do in this matter? Judges don’t initiate any cases unless they complain about something concerning the Judiciary. It’s up citizens and especially the opposition to demand an explanation from government.

  14. I want to assure the nation that no leader in SDC and in the African region supports the current Zambian Government leaders. As a matter of fact all leaders in the region are surprised that we have not been active in removing the PF Government and are waiting for 2021. When you discover that you wife is unfaithful, you do not need to wait for the next wedding anniversary to divorce her.

  15. I’m concerned, from drinking kachasu straight to funding rebels, next could be shooting nuclear missiles at Russia or China.
    How did this Negro become tough overnight?

  16. Now I know who the gassers are and those who burned the markets which VP Wina said its the opposition when Mweetwa told her that she is shallow and shameless. I know why Mweetwa refused to apology. Retirees cant be paid he is paying rebels? Why sticking to bill 10. NO BILL 10 AND PAY RETIREES.

  17. It true all that is hidden it will come to be known when the do what I say powers goes away there are a lot coming wait and see


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