Tito Mboweni : He loves Twitter

Institute of Foreign Affairs (IFA), a prominent South African policy research think-tank, has advised South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa to sanction his Cabinet ministers and government officials to stop from commenting on prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s case in public platforms such as Twitter.

A number of Ministers and government officials including Tito Mboweni were all over twitter giving their ones and twos about Bushiri escape, some that IFA feels vindicates Bushiri about not getting fair trial in South Africa.

IFA’s statement describes the focus on Bushiris’ case as too much for the government. “Govt’s intense focus on prophet Bushiri case is too much & opens authorities up for errors as witnessed with various conflicting messages from too many officials.” statement reads in part of the statement.

Meanwhile in Malawi, it has only been Gospel Kazako, Minister of Information responding to issues surrounding #BushiriEscape. This has been so because Malawi follows order. It is the duty of Minister of Information to speak on behalf of government and the rest of the ministers cannot speak about it.

“We are a country of laws not emotions. We are disciplined enough to respect the rule of law and our President is a man of integrity,” Kazako was quoted by the media while speaking to Newsroom journalist.


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