Yesterday just received a call from one of my good friends under the Office of the President commonly known as (OP). I will name this man as Mr Z for security reasons. Mr. Z, after greeting me, went on to ask me if I was aware of an upcoming parading by state media houses of some people. I expressed ignorance about the development and that is how he began narrating to me of some people who claim to be Mr. Hakainde Hichilemas relatives and family members. I laughed heartily when I heard him saying ‘parading’ and I asked him why he calls it that way. His response was that ‘it is a new normal for any one looking for fast money Mr. Sikaile. As intelligence officers we are not moved any more, because the way people are trooping to our offices to be paraded to denounce this man just to get some cash is very disappointing. I told him, it was a well known issue that our nation was dying and headed towards failed states like the Congo, Uganda, Somalia etc and we all needed to rescue it at whatever cost.

He advised me to watch the video and do my analysis. However, before he hang up he said to me if I knew that almost every person who they interview for these defections have a criminal background. I was like what do you mean sir? He said their investigations show that most people who come out to discredit HH have either failed to make it in life or they have criminal records. I told to him I was not aware that all thieves and criminals are running to the ruling party for cleansing.

Then he asked me to watch the broadcast. Fellow country men and women, I tuned in and all I heard in this man and another woman who were paraded for the second time is that HH is stingy, heartless, and greed who can even discipline you for stealing a chicken and so on. Personally, I really love how these people came out because they highlighted some key points that every voter should take into consideration.

1. It is true now that HH can discipline you whether you are a relative or not. This is excellent culture of accountability. We have heard plunderers accusing him of going to sell the country if he is voted into power. Now that he can discipline even his own relatives and family, then we are assured of justice for every citizen regardless of one’s race,color, tribe or political denomination all for the betterment of our nation. Simply all thieves and law breakers will be disciplined.

2. If HH can discipline his relatives who steal a chicken then he is a right man for Zambia to curb corruption, political violence and other bad vices. We all know that today we are suffering as a nation and many other African countries due to high levels of corruption. This is a clear ‘charity begins at home’, by HH and we must give him credit. A thief is a thief! whether related or not, one should be disciplined. We now understand why he is successful because he doesn’t tolerate thieves like our current president Mr Lungu AKA Ubomba mwibala does.

To the PF and the Zambian people, are you aware that the man who was dragged to discredit HH is one of the people who once illegally got HH’s animals and sold them? Now is this something surely we citizen can condone in our communities? Simply because you are related to someone, doesn’t give you a passport to steal from them. So when I said thieves and criminals are regrouping to fight Mr. Hakainde Hichilema this is exactly what I meant.

Zambians expect more from these failed men and women being paraded during the campaign period to make force accusations. The thing is that *If HH can’t tolerate the thieving relative it means he’s the right man to be the President of this country where we have more thieves and criminals in public institutions than our prisons* how can someone with 49 herds of cattle go and work for someone? The lady said even if you get a chicken, HH will take you to task. This is exactly the man we want. If only I had the capacity to hire HH for my businesses.I think he is the right character I pray for.




  1. Zambia today is like a person who is having a house with broken pipes , water and sour is liking every where ,what type of a person is required to fix the pipes , ?of Couse, its the plumber , not an electrician or bricklayer . the problem of Zambia today is the economy which is like broken pipes in a house , so we need a person who can help fix this economy . the person available is non other than hh, why hh, he has a track record of being a successful business man and entrepreneur , he has demonstrated this skill in his own life where he has created thousand of jobs through his businesses ,companies , and also contributes to the treasury of this country through paying of taxes , its is a well known fact that entrepreneurs are the ones that create jobs every where in the world ,so if a country has a president or leader who is has an entrepreneur mind, then that country is blessed . i sincerely urge Zambians not to miss this golden chance around this this time ,the pf had the opportunity to fix the economy in the last 10 years , but they have failed , all they could do was just build roads , some hospitals and schools , dispite them having all the resouces they found from mmd and what they borrowed [$20b ] if they were economical ,they could have invested some of this money into agriculture , industries and tourism , by now this $20b could have multiplied it self and Zambia could have been better than what she is now , so against ,this background , we need a leader who is entrepreneur , despite the government having very qualified economists at the bank of Zambia and ministry of finance , the current leadership has terribly failed on the economic party , any where in the world if the gorvement fails to solve some economical challenges , that garment does not stay in power , because the economy is the engine of every thing , eg job creation , wealth creation , etc

  2. The HH relatives video has boomeranged on the paraders and paradees, it has just proved that one camp tolerates thieving , if its the court that found him guilty, those who paraded him must be ashamed.


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