Yona Musukwa writes:

There is a big difference between THE PRESIDENCY and THE PRESIDENT.

THE PRESIDENCY is an institution. The highest institution in the land. It carries great power and responsibilities. At all times, it should be respected and given honour due to it.

THE PRESIDENT is just a person who occupies the presidency. By virtue of his office, the President automatically becomes the FIRST AMONG EQUALS. NOT a God. NOT a messiah. NOT a prophet. NOT a holy or devine being. But first among equals. That is why the President is not above the law, like everybody else. He carries 1 voter’s card, like everybody else.

Therefore, the respect and honour given to the President is not the same as that given to the Presidency. People will respect and honour a President according to the respect he/she gives to the presidency, how he/she conducts himself/herself.

Respect is earned. Therefore, people have all the rights to boo a President if they disapprove of his conduct. If people disapprove of the way President Lungu has been conducting himself as President, they have all the rights to boo him.
Class Dismissed!



  1. There is a difference between presidency and president, but the two are inter related. You see it is a president who can assume the office of presidency. So you UPND guys have found it normal for your curders to act the way they acted then, this could be due to your shallow understanding on what it takes to be in a high office in Zambia.
    Tommorow it will be you to be booed, that is if you will be able to assume that high office, just wait for your time. Don`t force matters or else God will never give you what you are looking for in life. Okay continue booing Edgar, but you should respect the electorates.
    God is supernatural, He has already tested your wicked hearts so definitely He will not give you this presidency when He sees wickedness in you, Sirs. Your`s TIKA TIKA


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