LUSAKA Province PF secretary Kennedy Kamba says even if foreigners endorse UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema they will not vote in next year’s general election.

On Independence Day, a video went viral where three white men wished Zambians a happy independence anniversary and ended with the words ‘Bally will fix it’, in apparent reference Hichilema’s newly acquired political brand name.

It is, however, not established whether the three men are Zambians or not.

Reacting to the video, Kamba warned members of the opposition party against banking on such support.

“We urge Zambians to question everything about the UPND. Who are those foreign nationals? What is their interest in Zambia and what is their relationship with the UPND? Who is sponsoring the UPND and what agenda do they have?” he asked yesterday. “Those seen in the circulating videos endorsing Hakainde Hichilema are rich men like him. What are their interests? This country is not for sale to the highest bidder! These are the people who are ready to strip Zambian!”

Kamba charged that the UPND was desperate to form government.

“This seems to have excited many dreamers in the UPND who have kept on saying even the Western world is in support of Hakainde Hichilema ahead of the 2021 general elections. This is laughable. The desperate attempts to gain recognition by the UPND and its leader Hakainde Hichilema is illogical and out of context,” Kamba said. “Those three or four foreign nationals filmed endorsing Hakainde Hichilema are not Zambians, they have nothing to do with Zambia and will not even vote in the 2021 general elections. One aspect that is certainly clear to us is that the UPND and its leader are desperate politicians who are ready to do anything. Given chance, they will sell this country to foreign nationals or foreign firms that they do business with.”

He said while the UPND was concerned about foreigners, PF was focused on the interests of Zambians.

Kamba said there was no need to have foreign nationals endorse local political candidates.

“Our focus will remain on the needs of our women and children in rural areas, to alleviate poverty and deliver the much-needed development. Zambia is safe under the PF,” said Kamba. “Yes, Zambia is a democracy but we don’t need foreign nationals to begin to meddle in our politics. We have political freedoms and right to deal with ourselves without any interference from anybody from outside. President Lungu is doing everything possible to drive the agenda of development while the UPND has gotten into a panic mode of now wanting international recognition forgetting that they are exposing their hidden agenda.”



  2. The only foreigners we have in Zambia are those who have made the constitution foreign by abrogating it’s provisions with impunity, those who are stealing from the poor Zambians everyday by inflating and collecting the difference from fire tenders, ambulances, roads and toll gates, those who are behaving exactly like the colonialists by shrinking the space for Zambians to associate freely, speak freely and move freely. These are the local foreigners we have in Zambia who deserve nothing but banishment.

  3. Kamba you’re a hypocrite the whites are the largest successful farmers in Zambia look at your brother country Zimbabwe that’s exactly the direction Zambia is going in no bond service come Nov 14 Th kwacha will deteriorate to K100 to the $z why don’t you ask your MPs to bring back the stolen funds and make Zambia great again instead of being ignorant . The whites have supported Zambia and they have every right to be upset with the PF regime which has zero accountability .
    You just depend on your monthly pension from tax payers hard earned monies change is inevitable go hide in your bunny bunker . Who every these muzungus are we welcome you with open seams to come invest and reap and employ people and feed the nation don’t listen to this imbacile.

    • ba Kamba you are very dull take your dullness uko kutali edger Lungu has made these good for nothing embeciles become so big headed. Ati helping the poor which poor people are you helping apart fattening your pockets imwe bamwankole ata ubupuba live the white farmers alone fikabwalala imwe

      • Kennedy Kamba you are a fool what you should know is that UNIP was thee followed by MMD then PF and what will stop people from bringing another party in power if tours has failed us , left us in hunger while you ate there inriching yo pockets . Zwaaaaaaa

  4. Ba Kamba, You have shallow mind. If you are normal, Do you like What the chinese, are treating your own people? You want zambia be suffocated with choncholis, if you are stil joking, zesco, airport znbc, is gone. You dont own any thing any more because of kaloba. I would rather have, business partners whites, than these chines idiots governing zambians. Dont just bark for the sake of making noise to be heard, you are very foolish idiot.

  5. According to Kamba Chinese selling salaula and chickens are not foreign nationals. According to Kamba Malawians obtaining Zambian NRCs are not foreign nationals. Well, Kamba seems to be hypocritical. We have seen Chinese nationals wearing police uniforms and driving police vehicles. We have seen Chinese road construction company trucks ferring PF cadres to compaign rallies. So Kamba, don’t be xenophobic due to your fear of one Bally.

  6. Iwe Kamba, Ukamba vichani? I didn’t Know you to be so daft. Why do you fear HH? Is it because he will bring sanity to this country which will disadvantage you corrupt minded people?
    You talk of only three white nationals who voiced out on your poor governance, how many Chinese do you have in your closets.
    Kamba, spare us. Just know that you are leaving come 2021. And start looking for Chinese money, because you are definitely going to repay them for for whatever deals you have entered with them.
    FOOLISH FOOLS! You disgust me.

  7. The idiot doesn’t know that they are white zambian from poor, accountants, traders lawyers, con men and farmers in this country. This unreasoning fools in government are really making this country a fools paradise.

  8. From kukamba lamba to Kubwetuka bwetuka!
    Put your matako panshi iwe ka kamba.
    Zambians are not part of your Furniture!
    By the way, not all Zambians are black like you.
    Always bear in mind that we are a Rainbow Nation. Therefore don’t be a racist and a tribalist at the same time!
    Grow up!


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