PF Presidential Hopeful Chishimba Kambwili is confident that PF Kaumbwe Constituency Parliamentary Candidate Dr. George Mwanza will scoop the October 21, 2021 by election.

Speaking on his campaign trail in Kaumbwe, Eastern Province, Dr. Kambwili said no Government had built infrastructure like the PF did.

He said the people of Zambia would eventually evaluate for themselves and trust the PF again.
Dr. Kambwili urged the PF candidate to work hard once elected in order to alleviate the suffering of the electorates.


  1. Zambians cannot even dream about PF.Mr Kambwili if you can see how Zambians voted
    You should have retired from politics by now.
    Just see the way Bally running the country.
    Learn from him for ten years then try your luck.

  2. Mr Kambwili, how can PF come back when you people are still with your tribal hate speeches. Tell me how? You squandered your chance of being a minister or even vice president by running back to Mr Lungu because his police cadres were giving you a few slaps and taking you to jail. HH and Madam Nalumango soldiered on and are now President and vice.I now have respect for GBM who has seen his mistake and kept quiet after those courageous kids chased him from Mpulungu.

  3. It is interesting to see the two forms of campaign for the Top Job going on in PF, in my view Kambwili and Lubinda are both democratically eyeing that position, now while Given Lubinda in his daily discourse is trying to make the Zambians see that actually President Lungu was not that bad, on the other Hand in my view Kambwili is showing that the direction that was taken by Edgar was wrong and he on behalf of Lungu is now asking for forgiveness. In my view Given is still consulting with Edgar Lungu while in my view Kambwili has nothing to do with Lungu, if my view is correct then in my view Lungu has nothing too, to do with Kambwili and in my view Lungu can not support Kambwili for that top position because of the way he is going on about it. BUT THIS IS MY VIEW.

  4. Yah let Kambwili take over PF and things may change we know for sure that PF had stolen a lot. And lucky will be if they win again in Zambia.

  5. These people can’t believe that they are in opposition. They have failed to measure their humiliating defeat.

    Between PF and MMD Zambians would vote for MMD.

  6. Maybe members of his family can trust Kambwili again. Certainly not the Zambian Nation. He lacks leadership qualities to bring to the table. Even when Zambians are not wise they can not be so foolish to trust their future in Kambwili What will it benefit them to trust Kambwili and his PF again.


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