By Daily Revelation Reporter

I am asking police officers to check the p0n0 videos in circulation as the law is very on circulating p0n0 materials, says Police service spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo.

And the United Party for National Development (UPND) says the scandal involving Mabumba is typical of the entire PF leadership of Edgar Lungu and his regime.

Speaking with Daily Revelation on the p0n0 videos in circulation, allegedly of General Education minister David Mabumba, Katongo claimed that police had not seen the videos in question, saying they will only know what position they would take once they saw the videos and images.

“You know what the law says that’s why you were calling me to get our position as police. It is not our position it is the position of the law when it comes to p0n0 materials yah. So on p0n0 materials the law is clear, anyone who produces, circulates, who is found in possession can be arrested,” Katongo said. “So now what we are saying concerning what you are asking about I need to see, or officers need to see that then analyze and see if it qualifies to be in those areas which I have mentioned. I am asking officers to check. Kaili ngati mwatuma kuli ise ni circulation (Because if you send them to us we will arrest you for circulating)”

And in a media statement, UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka said the p0n0 video of Mabumba seen fondling his private parts in a video call with an unidentified female accomplice is yet again one of the lowest moments in our country’s history.

He stated that at the time the country was facing huge challenges in form of youth unemployment, Zesco power outages and the economic meltdown, one would expect those in leadership to be preoccupied with finding solutions to the problems, but they are just looting public resources while producing and sharing pornographic materials.-Daily Revelation



  1. Mmmmm!!! What Esther Katongo is saying is that police will go for those circukating the vidoes and not Mabumba himself. We know that’s exactly what the police are going to do. Nothing will be done to Mabumba. We have seen it before.

  2. They are worried about people forwarding a video rather than why a leader of the government is engaging in this sort of behavior. Also, Whatsapp is encrypted, good luck with the ‘investigation’.

  3. DPP Fulata Siyunyi will enter a nolle prosequie and all will be fine. We live in a great nation where we give each other a second chance.

  4. What can you expect to police which fear to be fired Sesheke incindent still rings to every police officer in Zambia.Where
    are those guys who were fired ? Are they brought back? in Zambia today you can’t do anything to the ruling .Police that can
    be beaten by candres at their head office what can you expect.if it was UPND member by now you we could have heard that you shouldn’t vote for Ponosters even on biased ZNBC it was going to carry the headlines. But because its ruling to report to police with evidence its seculating and one should be arrested what a shame to our spokes person

  5. Why shooting the messenger. In fact police should thank these people for letting the zambian public know what kind of leaders they have so that they vote wisely next year.

  6. Charity katongo. What are you going to investigate? The minister is there, what is there to investigate. just shutup. The minister of Chiefs, has taken one year to investigate. Disband the police. please dont waste our time. Thats the more reason PF cadres beat you in your own buildings. You are just jokers. If it is opposition, you run quickly top take action.


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