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To be foolish is to rely on your opponent’s weaknesses for an election victory. To think that the Patriotic Front(PF) is ready to let go of power easily is to be stupid. To think that PF is weak in this election is perhaps naive. Make no mistake, PF is in this election stronger than they were in 2016.

Of course the tides are against PF. Many people are hungry and therefore angry. While there are chauvinistic people who still believe in anything about PF, a good number of conscious people have realised that PF has diverted from it’s fundamental intent of serving the suffering masses to being a party that serves a few politically connected. A party that once represented the interest of poor people now serves the interest of glutonous characters, cabals and crooks of all sorts. Whereas, majority people are struggling to put three decent meals on their tables, the few in the ranks of the PF are filthy rich.

But while this is so, it appears the main opposition party that stands to benefit more from the tides against PF, is doing things in the wrong way.

With the exception of the Socialist Party, there is no party in Zambia that has a pragmatic and workable way of mobilising real voters.

The United Party for National Development (UPND) seems to be doing things in the same manner they did in previous elections where they lost. We all know that real voters, real numbers are mostly in rural parts of Zambia. For Michael Sata to win the 2011 elections, he spent the greatest time talking to people in rural parts of Zambia. It took Michael 10 good years to be able to achieve that. Currently only Fred M’membe and his party seems to understand that the people in Metropolitan provinces like Lusaka and Copperbelt are hyped. Today, people are following Hakainde’s convoy and flashing the UPND symbol but those same people will be following Bowman Lusambo’s convoy and flashing a PF symbol tomorrow.

What Hakainde is doing moving in those convoys with a string of cadres following him around has very minimal political benefits. How many does Hakainde think are convinced to vote for him among the people that cheer for him and flash UPND symbol as he does his stunts?

We do not want to believe that Hakainde think that PF has lost the election already. PF has not lost the election yet and still has the election to win. Look at how the members of PF have been littered around the country campaigning in rural parts of Zambia!

Has Hakainde gone to Vubwi yet? Has Hakainde gone to Shang’ombo yet? These and indeed many other rural areas are where the votes are and where victory is. Whatever Hakainde is doing in Copperbelt is a waste of time on his part.

Those stunts will get you many facebook likes and comments but will not get you victory. If Hakainde doesn’t change his tactics as soon as yesterday, let him forget about winning this election


  1. I agree to some extent with this article. PF have appointed 2 member provincial teams of “influential people” spearheading the campaigns in each province. Additionally all of these people are not contesting any parliamentary seats and hence can fully apply themselves to garner votes. It’s clear PF have strict targets for each province. PF is operating like a well organized corporation with an experienced sales Dept fully funded….one third of the campaign period is gone already with nothing tangible being seen by UPND in terms of campaigns…..please wake up, we can’t bare another 5 yrs of PF. You need campaign strategy for youths, rural folks & those in urban areas etc…In short PF is more realistic & fully know they are unpopular. All defections are done by Mr Bonanza, so it’s clear there is specialization.

  2. Frankly I expected a far more organized approach this year to UPND campaigns. We all knew PF would not play fair & have more resources at their disposal. PF is fundamentally afraid of perception of “wind of change”. UPND should have come up with strategies to ensure that perception is “visible” while aggressively reaching targeted groups/areas with resonating campaign messages. Not easy to accomplish but in my view, that is part of the winning formula…..

  3. I disagree with the article about the assessment and analysis and I will tell you why. The article is a pf spinoff of reality and they would have Their competitors to easy up on the pressure mounted on them. Large crowds in Copperbelt and Lusaka will send signals to the rest of the country that time for change has come. This is a good strategy, put more pressure: Luapula, and Northern will do pfools a don’t kubeba game.

  4. Very true for those that remember to recall VJ’s precise prediction by numbers that MMD would win the election through the rural vote! The devoid real time information access rural areas voting is dependent on who they have hosted and heard from to determine the manner that their vote is cast while in urban areas the vote is earlier decided based on the daily hustling meant to meet the desires of urban life! The rural areas living standards inspite of being substandard are self sustaining thus what messages to woo support for any party are shared must evolve around what changes would not drastically change the pace at which the sustained livelihoods and development is introduced! Indeed the observation needs UPND to resonate with the author!


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