By ZR Reporter

A Zambia Air Force (ZAF) officer identified as Gabriel Joshua Dick has died in a road accident around 06:00 hours at Interland on Burma Road after he failed to negotiate a curve near Puma Service Station.

Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo has stated that Dick, aged 29, of Twin Palm Zambia Airforce Base who was driving a vehicle with registration number ACX 507, sustained head injuries and died on the spot.

“There was a Fatal Road Traffic Accident which happened today Sunday 18th October 2020 at around 06:00 hours on Burma road near Interland Puma Filling station. Involved was a Zambia Airforce Officer identified as Gabriel Joshua Dick aged 29 years of Twin Palm Zambia Airforce Base who was driving a Motor vehicle registration number ACX 5071 from the East heading to the west direction,” Mrs Katongo has stated. -ZR









  1. Too many unnecessary deaths in Zambia abd they can be prevented. Often the drivers are in the wrong. Overspeeding, drunkenness and sheer incompetence is killing young Zambians. Death doesn’t know who you are. It doesn’t matter whether you are celebrity, a soldier, teacher, married, single, beautiful or ugly, intelligent or uneducated, etc. People just need to be responsible when driving. Few weeks ago it was Daev, today it is Dick and we don’t want tomorrow to be someone else!!
    Someone to speak to these foolish young people who think death is for the Madalas when evidence shows it is the young ones who drives carelessly, killing themselves and other innocent people.

  2. Looks like he was thrown out of the vehicle. It follows he was not in wearing the seatbelt. He must have been an indisciplined officer.

  3. Young Zambian drivers are the most reckless and incompetent. Ivi vinthu vinabwera mochedwa. Excited for nothing dying young leaving broken hearts of relatives and young widows. It’s pretty annoying. Govt invests in training such a young soul and he cant even take of his life, drives without thinking and ends dying so young! Stupidity is a Zambian disease not confined to politicians.

  4. They think a corolla can have the same balance as the Lamborghini sport and they can drift at any corner. Why rush when the road was so much his at that time of a Sunday like this one?

    Anyways young man rest in peace.

  5. There is too much rushing to everywhere and defensive driving is considered a thing for the aged!!!! The looks of some roads cheat the eye as perfect surface and most of the vehicles are not cared for good condition therefore many reasons abound for the too many accidents happening. Maybe RTSA needs to tighten laws around responsible use, road sense and vehicle ownership! For example those who are involved in an accident to face a fine for only that they have gotten involved in an accident and police had to come to the scene then additional penalties for the one found to have been in the wrong!


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