ITS ALL PROPAGANDA AND NOT TRUE: Zambia Doesn’t Have An International Open Ship Registry and Has Never Registered or Operated Ships Abroad

By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

The Government of the Republic of Zambia does not own both the MV Antalya and the MV Gauja, general cargo vessels and has never issued any such registration.

So government is attending to communications from the European Union Naval Force.

In the event that any Ship is flying the Zambian Flag , it is illegal and remains an abuse of the Zambia Ship Registry.

This appears to be a throw back to 1991, a few weeks before the Genetal Elections where repeated international reports suggested that;

  1. President Kenneth Kaunda was secretly hosting Iraq President Saddam Hussein and his family in Mfuwe after his country was invaded by Western military forces.
  2. President Kaunda had stashed S4billion in a Swiss Account.
  3. A huge arms cache was hidden in Sindamisale Farm!

We are two weeks away from an election, many forces would attempt to sway the opinions of Zambia.


  1. Shouldn’t this chap be in Ethiopia where he’s a diplomat than always politicking in Lusaka. Even his colleague from Berlin is also around doing the “chomical Ali” stunts

  2. HH has been Excellent at whatever he has done.
    1). Education and Childhood challenges -excellent student.
    2). Work and Career progression- Excellent.
    4). Start & growing successful Business- Excellent.
    5). Managing his family and Marriage life- Excellent
    6). Service to the nation as ZPA consultant- Excellent (Royal Sun by HH is an example)
    7. Managing and growing a Political Party membership- Excellent
    8. Living exemplary Christian life- Excellent

    The man is a blessing.

  3. This guy should explain the death of President Fredrick. No wonder Lungu can not have him nearby. He is not trustworthy.


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